August 2014 Winner- Now Accepting September Photos

Congrats to our August 2014 Winner. Now accepting entries for September. Grand Prize this month is a CVA .50 Caliber Muzzleloader.

Our Latest Adventure

Just returned from 6 days of public land elk hunting in New Mexico. No big bull down but came to full draw on a 6x6 and that is all you can ask for. Great week in God's Country.


Muzzleloading W/ Chad Schearer, Army Bass Anglers Update and Antelope Hunting With Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting

Episode 241

We start off this week’s show by talking muzzle loading with CVA Muzzleloader’s Chad Schearer. Also. the host of “Shoot Straight TV” on Pursuit channel, we discuss the appeal of muzzleloader hunting and how it can lengthen the number of days one can spend in the field. Chad talks about some recent big game hunts he has been on and we get into our September 2014 Photo of the Month Contest- sponsored by CVA Muzzleloaders!!! Tune in to find out how to win a Wolf .50 Caliber muzzleloader from CVA.

 photo ChadSchearer_zps9a1cf5b5.jpg

Next we check in with our longtime friend and Army Bass Anglers founder and president- Cody Roberson. Recently retired after 22 years of active service, Lt. Colonel (Ret) Roberson gives us the latest updates from Army Bass Anglers. We dive into the Army Bass Angler teams that will be fishing the Bass Champs State Championship and the Berkley Big Bass tournaments in the coming weeks.

Also, Cody has some exciting news to share regarding a new country song ABA is involved with. The tune “Welcome Home” was recorded by Nash & Fair and it’s sole purpose is the raise awareness for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder situation that many of our returning heroes face after serving overseas. All proceeds raised from the song (including ITunes downloads) go to help fight PTSD. So check it out when you get a chance.

 photo ArmyBassAnglers2_zps109433c9.jpg

We then round out the show by checking in with longtime Texas hunting guide Clay Pope of Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitters. With two decades of experience, Clay has a solid track record of putting his clients on trophy animals. Whether you are looking for whitetails, exotics, mountain lion or antelope, Pope Brothers offers it all.

This week, however, we go in depth on Texas antelope hunting. Myself and our good friend Glynn Underwood from Koon’s Canyon Ranch will be joining Clay and Pope Brothers on a Texas Panhandle antelope hunt in October. We find out what to expect as far as style of hunting, recommended speed goat caliber and bullet and much more! Can’t wait for our first ever speed goat hunt!

 photo AntelopeTexas_zps6c871244.jpg

Trout Conservation and History, Shotgunning Tips and Opening Up the Audio Vault With Jeff Foxworthy, Phil Robertson and Governor Perry

Episode 240

Dove season is finally here…and with the 2014-2015 hunting season officially underway I thought we’d talk some shotgunning tips this week. Of course, I’m no Tom Knapp so we’ll visit the Lone Star Outdoors Show archives and check in with Outdoor Life contributing writer Brad Fitzpatrick. His article “Shotgunning’s 7 Deadly Sins” outlines some quality tips on what to do and not do with your scattergun this season. Afterall, I think every wingshooter out there would prefer to increase their shots fired to birds killed ratio- I know I would.

 photo Wingshooting_zps7dcc52da.jpg

Next up we are joined by longtime outdoor writer and Field and Stream Conservation Editor Hal Herring. A jack of all trades, Hal writes for many publications and his recent feature in Trout Unlimited Magazine really offered some fascinating insight onto the debate of using Rotenone poison to wipe out introduced species of trout along certain stretches of rivers and streams.

Why would anybody want to poison and remove established populations of brown, rainbow and even brook trout? Well, the answer stems from the native Cutthroat trout that has been wiped out of many stretches of it’s native habitat by these aggressive and highly adaptable other species. Brook Trout are native to New York, Rainbow trout to California and Brown trout hail from Germany! Yet we find these species all over much of the country, in areas that once belonged to the cutthroat. At the heart of the issue, biodiversity and conservation are tied together and are things that every one of us should be concerned with.

 photo Cutty_zpsddaa3c32.png

Then we go back in time and hear some of the most outrageous hunting related stories ever told on the Lone Star Outdoors Show. Guest’s like Jeff Foxworthy, Phil Robertson and Texas Governor Rick Perry cover everything from funny deer camp pranks, coyote killing adventures and reflecting on the birth of their children. You don’t want to miss this visit to the audio vault!

 photo JeffFoxworthy_zpse872f392.jpg

Elk Hunting W/ Randy Newberg, Roger Creager Stops By and FLW Forrest Wood Cup Champion Anthony Gagliardi

Episode 239

$500,000 is the richest pay day in professional bass fishing and Anthony Gagliardi took home the winning check by claiming the FLW Forrest Wood Cup Championship in August. The 2006 FLW Angler of the Year got off to rough start this season, even being disqualified from the first FLW Tour event of the year. He was in danger of missing the tournament completely before turning things around.

Good thing he did. Anthony was a popular pick to win the Forrest Wood Cup on his home lake in South Carolina- Lake Murray. He talks about the ups and downs of the tournament as well as the patterns and baits that produced his 4 day weight of 51 lbs 2 ounces which ultimately edged out Scott Canterbury by one ounce!

 photo AnthonyGagliardi_zps7fd45a3f.jpg

Next, we talk some big game hunting with the master of public, unguided hunting- Randy Newberg. Longtime friend of the show and host of “Federal Premium’s Fresh Tracks With Randy Newberg” on Sportsman Channel, Randy lives and breaths public land hunting. And since we drew a New Mexico archery bull elk tag, naturally my first inclination was to call Randy to pick his brain.

This is our first elk hunt and we are doing it the same way Randy does, on public land and without a guide. Randy talks about the importance of internet scouting prior the hunt. He also talks about the resources he uses most when it comes topographic maps. What about locating, calling and or coming up with a plan to ambush a big bull? We get into all that and a whole lot more when Randy stops by to talk bugles and big bulls.

 photo RandyElk_zps26a8facd.jpg

Last but certainly not least we are joined by one of the stalwarts on the Texas Music scene when Roger Creager makes his much anticipated return to the show. We take a listen to the latest single ‘River Song’ off the newly released record ‘Road Show’- Roger’s 7th studio album. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas – Roger has salt water running through his veins. An avid off shore fisherman who runs his own boat for tuna, snapper, amberjack and a variety of other sport fish. We find out how this summer stacked to others with blue water anglers facing record short snapper and AJ seasons.

 photo RogerCreager2_zps3d71b29a.jpg

Nearly Killed By A Mountain Lion- One Hunter’s Journey Comes Full Circle, 2014 Dove Forecast & Trout Bite Still Good on Texas Coast

Episode 238

It’s that time of year friends! Lead shot will soon be flying all over the Lone Star State. And if our aim is true then little feathered rockets should start falling from the sky on the September 1st Dove Opener! With the season just days away, we start the show off by checking in with Shaun Oldenburger- Texas Parks & Wildlife Migratory Shore and Upland Game Bird Program Leader.

He is the man with his finger squarely on the pulse of our state’s dove population, recruitment and overall numbers of both mourning and white winged dove. We discuss the continued phenomenon of white wing expansion northwards. How much of the country’s dove harvest is Texas responsible? All that and much more as we get Shaun’s fearless forecast for the upcoming season.

 photo Dove_zpsf7482309.jpg

Next we hear a remarkable tale of how one Texas hunter’s life came full circle. David Vaught of Llano was vacationing with his family at Big Bend National Park in west Texas on a fateful August day in 1984. That is where his life was forever altered when a male mountain lion attacked him on a popular hiking trail. Luckily, David’s step father was able to fight the lion off David. He did, however, sustain major injuries that would result in over a dozen surgeries as the lion basically removed David’s scalp from his head.

Fast forward 30 years later and David answered his lifelong calling to once again come face to face with this apex predator. This time though the result would be far different as the West Texas lion would leave on David’s back. We talk about dry ground lion hunting with hounds and go into great detail on David’s successful lion hunt near Sheffield, Texas. What went through his mind when David first put his hands on the lion he harvested? David tells all as we cover this incredible journey that lasted nearly 3 decades. (David walking back to camp with his lion)

 photo Lion2_zps8ea4e523.jpg

We wrap up this week’s show on a lighter note when Captain Len Girard joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre. Myself and a couple friends hit the coast with Captain Len last weekend and we hammered the trout. Captain Len tells his secrets of where to find nice specs on really hot days. I witnessed first hand how many other anglers and guides were struggling with the wind and temps but Captain Len put us on ‘em!

 photo Len_zps86605b40.jpg

Granger Smith & Earl Dibbles Jr. , Late Summer Crappie Haunts & One Bowhunter Overcomes All Odds

Episode 237

Its monster crappie right out of the gate this week when our good friend and 6 time Crappie Anglers of Texas Angler of the Year Paul O’Bier drops in!Paul gives us the latest news from the Crappie Anglers of Texas Tournament Trail and their upcoming state championship on Lake Palestine. Of course we also get Paul to tell us where he is finding good numbers of big crappie. What depth, are they relating to structure, what type of structure, is the morning or evening bite better and what bait is he using??? Paul tells all. So get ready for some slab daddy insight from the Lone Star State’s best.

 photo CrappieNew_zps4c7b55f5.jpg

Next a very special in studio treat when one of my favorite country musicians joins us in studio! Granger Smith will be here to talk about his love for growing big whitetails, predator hunting, big bass, catfish and much more. We also discuss his latest record “Dirt Road Driveway” which has done extremely well both in his home state of Texas as well as on the national scene. We also take a listen to a couple tracks off the record including the latest single “If Money Didn’t Matter.”

 photo GrangerCable2-Copy_zps4e758378.jpg

Of course, if Granger Smith is here then that means the dip spittin’, stick whittlin’, frog giggin’ Earl Dibbles Jr. is right here with him. Granger talks about how the Earl Dibbles Jr. phenomenon came about. You might be surprised to learn that Earl is a pretty close representation of a couple of Granger’s uncles from central Texas! So pull up a stool and get ready to crack a few cold ones with Earl Dibbles Jr. Yee Yee!

 photo EarlDibblesJR_zps58ad625a.jpg

We then round out the show with another in studio guest when Phillip Morris swings by the studio. Phillip is on the pro/field staff of quite a few well know companies in the archery industry. He is a seasoned bowhunter and competitive shooter, and he has accomplished all of this while being born deaf. Speaking through his friend Donny who is translating for us, Phillip talks about tackling that challenge head on, in life and as a hunter. His love for the outdoors and archery is matched only by his desire to be an example for other deaf individuals whom he hopes to inspire to pick up that bow or rifle and join in this outdoor lifestyle we all love.

 photo PhillipMorris_zps4a2077d9.jpg

Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit, Record Shattering Blue Marlin & Mossberg Firearms’ Linda Powell

Episode 236

We start things off by getting into Team Legacy fishing’s recent record breaking catch when Richard Richardson stops by. Richard had the pleasure of reeling in this 972.7 lb blue marlin just 130 miles off the coast of Port Aransas last month. The fish broke a 26 year old Texas record by nearly one hundred pounds! Richard recounts the entire story- one that truly is a fish tale for the ages!

 photo Marlin_zps06bee2a8.jpg

Next, a real treat when ‘Relentless Pursuit’ Host Tim Wells. Whether it’s instinctive archery or throwing a spear- Tim Wells is as proficient a hunter as there is. His passion and energy for hunting has translated into having the #1 rated bowhunting show on Sportsman Channel. We cover everything from shooting dove out of the sky with a bow and arrow, to spearing cape buffalo. Check out Relentless Pursuit on Friday evenings as part of Sportsman Channel’s ‘Full Draw Friday’ lineup.

 photo TimWellsSmall_zpsba127ea0.jpg

We round things out with O.F. Mossberg and Sons Director of Media Relations Linda Powell. We discuss Mossberg’s history and our August 2014 Photo Contest which Mossberg has donated a 930 Semi Auto 12 Gauge Duck Commander Signature Series shotgun as the grand prize. Of course, we also get into her love for hunting. Especially big game.

 photo LindaPowell_zpsfff39205.jpg

‘Uncharted’ & Handling Hunter Harassment w/ Corey Knowlton, Big Bass w/ Jason Christie & Texas Deer Association’s 16th Annual Convention

Episode 235

We kick things off by discussing a new show that has taken outdoor television to a whole new level. “Uncharted” is co-hosted by Jim Shockey and Corey Knowlton chronicles the adventures of the hosts as they travel to obscure, off the grid locations- pushing the limits to new extremes all along the way. Corey joins us today to talk about the new show and what separates it from the other hunting shows out there. Set those DVR’s for Uncharted- Wednesday’s at 6 pm CST on Outdoor Channel.

 photo Uncharted2_zps2c685e40.jpg

Also, hunter harassment has been a hot topic over the past year. With the age of social media that we live in, it seems anti hunters can get away with just about anything on the internet- including death threats to not just you but your family as well. Our friend Corey Knowlton has experienced it firsthand after placing the winning bid for a black rhino hunt at last January’s Dallas Safari Club convention. We talk about how to handle this type of venom from anti hunters, nobody knows better than Corey. (Corey and Me at The Hunting Consortium booth at DSC 2014)

 photo CoreyCable_zps582b6826.jpg

Next up we check in with Jason Christie. Whether fishing the Elite Series, Major League Fishing or the FLW Tour, Jason has been one of the hottest anglers in pro bass fishing over the past two seasons. He won twice on the FLW Tour last year and has one Elite Series win to his credit in each of the past two seasons as well. Known as one of the best ‘closers’ come Sundays – Jason talks about the ‘go big or go home’ mentality he displays on the last day of every tournament. Also, with the Forrest Wood Cup and a $500,000 payday on line at Lake Murray, S.C. in two weeks, we also discuss what patterns he predicts will be key in deciding who walks away as this year’s Forrest Wood Cup Champion.

 photo JasonChristie4_zps8eb513b6.jpg

Then we are thrilled to have our longtime friend and Texas Deer Association Auction Manager Vance Runnels drop in to discuss the upcoming TDA 16th Annual Convention and Fundraiser. This one of a kind event celebrating deer breeding, deer hunting and whitetail genetics comes to the JW Marriot Hill Country Resort and Spa next weekend (August 7-9). If you are a whitetail enthusiast of any kind, be sure to grab a day or weekend pass and check out this awesome event!

 photo TDA_zpsdfd03b2b.jpg

Field Medicine & Wilderness Survival Part II, Getting Geared up For Bow Season, Hog Hunting on Public Land & The New G&H Decoys ‘Navigator’

Episode 234

With archery season finally upon the horizon, we start things off by talking bow maintenance with Cinnamon Creek Ranch’s Chris Lutsinger. A longtime bow technician and competitive shooter, Chris shares over 30 years of expertise with us. The Texas archery season opens up on September 27th and discuss how to make sure that bow is tuned and ready to rock and roll on Opening Day! Also, what are some things to consider when setting up a new bow? How should you define your draw length and appropriate poundage? Chris breaks it all down for us. (Chris doing what he does best)

 photo ChrisLutsinger1_zps25ec0fd1.jpg

Next up we talk some feral hog hunting with renown outdoor writer and blogger Gayne C. Young. A Texas native and editor of Dallas Safari Club’s ‘Game Trails’ publication- Gayne’s book ‘The Complete Guide To Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina’ covers feral hog hunting from top to bottom. In this interview we take the hunt to the pigs, there is nothing wrong with hunting them over a corn feeder or bait pile, but what if you don’t have a lease? Well there are plenty of WMA’s out there that allow hog hunting but you have to go in and get them during the day. So finding those bedding areas and travel corridors are key. Gayne shares some insight with us on the subject. Also, be sure to check out a couple of his more recent books “And Monkeys Threw Crap at Me” & the brand new (out this week) “Teddy Roosevelt, Sasquatch Hunter”.

 photo GayneYoung_zpsa50549f5.jpg

Dr. Joe Alton then returns for part two of our two week mini series on Field Medicine and Wilderness Survival. In this 2nd installment we cover a few common injuries likely to occur on hunting/fish trips that we were unable to get to last week. Notably, caring for broken bones, what do in cases of hypothermia and heat exhaustion and also how to deal with possible head traumas. Dr.Alton (AKA ‘Dr. Bones’) helps us understand what to do in these situations where help is miles, sometimes even days away from arriving. Be sure to check out his book

 photo Fracture_zps17d77c51.jpg

We round out the broadcast by talking waterfowl hunting with G&H Decoys ‘Duck G.’ whose family has owned and operated G&H Decoys since 1934. There is no room for complacency in the decoy making business and G&H is introducing the all new Navigator swimming decoy for this fall. We all know how those calm days in the marsh cause a decoy spread to become ineffective and G&H’s Navigator is the solution. Of course, we also get a waterfowling history lesson each time we check in with the good spirited Duck G who will tell you first hand he’s been around ‘Since before grass has been growing’! And…we even give away a brand new Navigator decoy during the interview so be sure to tune in!

 photo Navigator2_zps869223ac.png

Field Medicine & Survival Part 1, Josh Kinser- VP of Texas Trophy Hunters Association, Dove Season Warm Up & Trout Bite On Fire Along Upper Laguna Madre

Episode 233

This week we kick things off by covering a myriad of topics with Texas Trophy Hunter Association Vice President of Operations Josh Kinser. Not only is Josh the producer of Trophy Hunter TV which airs on Outdoor Channel but he also has a host of other responsibilities. One of them is helping with a new partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife who has enlisted TTHA and Josh to help promote TPWD”s public hunting opportunities. Of course we also talk about the upcoming TTHA show schedule with hunting Extravaganza’s coming to Houston (Aug 1-3), Ft. Worth (Aug 15-17) and San Antonio (Aug 22-24). Josh also recaps a couple of amazing hunts he’s been on recently, like the Trophy Hunter TV trip to New Zealand where he harvested this beautiful tahr.

 photo JoshKinserTTHALogo_zps613c23a5.png

With September 1st only weeks away, dove is on my mind and likely on many of yours as well. So we talk mourning dove and white wings with Beau Saucier of DFW’s renown dove outfit- Dove Blasters. I have hunted with Dove Blasters the past two years and they run a first class operation. Preliminary releases from Texas Parks and Wildlife predict that this will be a great year for over 1 million Texas dove hunters who take to the field this season. Beau gives us some tips on hunting the late season as well some insight an old timer once shared with him that will turn a chunk of crop less black dirt into a dove hunting honey hole!

Most Texans don’t own their own piece of dove hunting paradise. So a season or day lease is the next best option. There are reputable outfits like Dove Blasters throughout the state. Just find a reputable outfitter in your area to get plugged in with and enjoy what should be a great season. Lets see if Texas dove hunters can top the 4.8 million dove we harvested last season!

 photo MourningDove_zps88b50954.jpg

We then change things and get into our 2 week mini series on field medicine and wilderness survival tips with Dr. Joe Alton- AKA ‘Dr. Bones’. His book ‘The Survival Medicine Handbook’ has been a number one seller on Amazon. As hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts we often find ourselves in remote situations where help is sometimes hours, maybe even days away. It’s no secret that sometimes accidents happen, often resulting from things that are out of our control. In Part 1 of our 2 week mini series with Dr. Bones, we go over remote care for snake bites, spider bites and various other stings. We also go over open wound care. How should you clean an open wound? How should you dress it? What about stitching it up and closing the wound altogether? Dr. Bones breaks it all down for us.

 photo DRBones_zps18c5ea53.png

We round this week’s show out by talking trout and redfish with our good buddy Captain Len Girard who joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our coastal fishing report. The late and somewhat brutal winter has the trout spawning later than normal- good news for Texas anglers this summer as big trout and good numbers can be found up and down the coast. Captain Len tells us where to find ‘em and what they biting. We also hit on redfish, black drum and those delicious mangrove snapper as well!

 photo Specks_zps93f84dd6.jpg

The History of the Derringer Pistol w/ Bond Arms, Zane Williams Live In Studio & Carp on the Fly!

Episode 232

We get things rolling this weekend with one of the best giveaways we ever had. Gordon Bond of Bond Arms joins the show to talk not only about the history of the ever popular Derringer style pistol. This is the same type of pistol that John Wilkes Booth famously in his assassination of President Lincoln. Over 150 years later, Derringer’s remain popular personal protection choices and Bond Arms has been manufacturing some of the finest Derringers on the market for nearly 2 decades. Bond Arms is also sponsoring our July 2014 Photo of The Month contest and has offered up a brand new Backup in .45 ACP as the grand prize. Mr. Bond with a couple of popular Derringer’s from the Bond Arms line:

 photo GordonBond_zpscb8c846b.jpg

Next up, a very special in studio treat when our longtime friend, honky tonker and hunting buddy Zane Williams drops by. Zane will play a couple tunes off his Overnight Success record as well as a brand new one that you probably haven’t heard yet. We talk some music and the upcoming record.

 photo Zane4_zps02eff9ad.jpg

Then we shift gears and get into Zane’s other passion- hunting. We’ll recap some recent hunts we’ve shared and also talk about Zane’s experience harvesting his first big game animal on our ‘Guns & Guitars’ weekend at Koon’s Canyon Ranch. Zane with his beautiful axis buck in full velvet- the smile tells it all!

 photo ZaneAxis_zps34eb5769.jpg

We put a bow on this thing by talking some carp fishing (or ‘carping’ as it is commonly referred to as) with Benjamin Gossett – Fishing Manager at the Orvis store in Plano, Texas. Earlier in the week, Benjamin showed me the ropes on fly fishing for carp. I never thought these fish had much to offer the serious angler but hooking up with a 7 lb carp on my flyrod quickly changed my perspective! What a great fighting fish and a heck of a good time. Wading and sight casting for carp is challenging and rewarding- much like doing the same for redfish on the coast. Benjamin with a nice carp from our trip:

 photo CarpCollage-Copy_zpse3e3db4d.png