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Our Latest Adventure

Did some North Texas coyote hunting with our good friend Dan King. Ended up calling in 3 yotes in 5 stands. Including this furred up female.


Big Buck Tactics w/ Dan Infalt, Swim Jiggin’ W/ 2014 Elite Series AOY Greg Hackney & Exciting News From Game Guard Outdoors

Episode 254

Dan Infalt is a whitetail hunting junkie, plain and simple. It’s what he lives for. He’s harvested over 30 Pope & Young bucks with the majority of them coming off highly pressured public land. This week, we are thrilled to have Dan back on the show to discuss a variety of topics related to killing mature bucks. Specifically, what are some common mistakes that hunters make during the peak of the rut? We also spend a fair amount of time patterning post rut whitetails. Like some whitetail hunting ninja, Dan has a knack for sneaking up on bedded bucks and putting them to bed- PERMANENTLY. Get ready for one of the best to share his expertise with us.

 photo Daninfalt_zpsc9c2884b.jpg

Greg Hackney is on fire! Not only did Greg win the BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year Title in 2014, he also won tournaments on both the Elite Series and FLW Tour while still finding time to compete on Major League Fishing. But for Greg, it’s all business as usual as he now adds a BASS AOY Title to his BASS Rookie of the Year, FLW Angler of the Year and FLW Forrest Wood Cup Championship. Elite company indeed!

Greg also provides tips on his signature technique of fishing a swim jig. Does he prefer fluorocarbon line or braid? Under what circumstances does he use each? And what about lb test and jig weight? Greg lays it all out for us. Great stuff with one of the nicest guys on tour.

 photo GregHackneyAOY_zps7740099d.jpg

We round out the broadcast by checking in with our good friend and longtime sponsor – Craig Smith of Game Guard Outdoors. Now in it’s 12th year, Game Guard is widely considered to be the official camo of the Lone Star State. In addition to the wildly successful outerwear and fishing shirts, Game Guard recently released it’s signature line of high end leather/Camo luggage and accessories. 100% of the proceeds from this line will go to charity.

Craig talks about the calling to give back and his families’ involvement in the mission field. Also, we have some exciting news to discuss concerning the Gulf Coast Cooler line as well! Of course, we’ll get into some mule deer discussion as well. Big mule deer are Craig’s real passion. He took this one in Colorado this fall:

 photo CraigSmithColoradoMuleDeer_zps14346f07.jpg

Powderhorn Ranch Acquisition, East Texas Brothers Knocking Down Monstern Bucks, Texas Lion Hits The Ground and Coastal Fishing Report w/ Captain Len Girard

Episode 253

Texas Parks and Wildlife Executive Director Carter Smith makes his return to the show this weekend. If you haven’t heard, TPWD recently acquired the 17,000 acre Powderhorn Ranch- an pristine and diverse stretch of coastline and oak flats along the Texas coast near Matagorda Bay. Carter talks about when the property will open to the public and how the agency raised $50 million dollars to fund the purchase. Designated to be a future WMA (Wildlife Management Area), Carter also discusses the diverse species available to hunters and anglers. This is the most expensive piece of property ever acquired by Texas Parks and Wildlife and it’s prime location makes it a true sportsman’s paradise.

 photo Powderhorn-Ranch-617x4161_zpsff04bc2c.jpg

Next, we check in with Ozona whitetail hunter Jeff Trout who recently had a surreal experience while sitting in a ground blind south of Ozona, TX. The 1,500 acre high fence lease has some great whitetails and axis deer on it, but to Jeff’s surprise it was a male mountain lion that busted out of the brush in pursuit of a deer during Thanksgiving week! Jeff breaks down what happened next and how he ended up putting this Texas big cat on the ground! The trail camera photo shows the tom just moments after Jeff’s first bullet grazed his back hip. The second shot found vitals and put the apex predator down for good!

 photo JeffTroutLion-Copy_zpsec1ba6ad.jpg

We then change things up with twin brothers Brent and Brian Jackson drop in with a big buck tale almost too far fetched to believe! Last year, Brent killed a Rusk County, TX free ranging monster with 22 points that grossed over 185 inches! Then, this fall Brian dropped a 22 point Rusk County bruiser of his own, not 7 miles from where Brent shot his buck last fall. What are the odds of two brother knocking down 22 point free ranging bruisers in back to back seasons? I’d probably buy a couple lottery tickets fellas!

 photo BrentampBRian_zps75827ac0.jpg

We wrap up this week’s broadcast when everybody’s favorite- Captain Len Girard joins us live from Corpus Christi Bay for our Coastal Fishing Report. Flounder and redfish are on fire in addition to good numbers of trout and sheepshead with black drum starting to show up in good numbers as well. Captain Len tells us where to find ‘em and what to catch ‘em on! The results of a recent trip with Captain Len:

 photo CaptainLenRedfish_zps05360053.jpg

Bass Fishing Icon Denny Brauer, Protecting Your Wild Game Harvest & A Disturbing Trend Among Wildlife Biology Students

Episode 252

We kick things off by talking meat care with Outdoor Life Contributing Writer Chris Batin. A native of Alaska for over 40 years, Chris knows how important it is to get your harvest cooled down ASAP and also has decades worth of tips to share regarding protecting that harvest from insects and bacteria. Lets face it, the blood, sweat, tears, time and money that often goes into harvesting a big game animal is monumental. Chris offers some valuable tips and insight protecting that hard earned harvest while in the field. This is especially applicable in remote or primitive hunting situations.

 photo NoFlyZone_zps3cd8ac3b.jpeg

Next, we talk big bass and big bucks with one of Pro Bass Fishing’s living legends! Former BASS AOY, FLW AOY and Bassmaster Classic Champion Denny Brauer drops in. We discuss Denny’s forte as the best jig fisherman ever to wet a line as well as winter bass patterns.

 photo DennyBrauerFLW_zps0f6ccc6f.jpg

Denny is equally as passionate about big bucks as he is big bass and so in this segment we talk all things whitetails with the fishing icon. Specifically, we’ll hear the tale of how Denny put down a 240 inch East Texas monster this season! 21 points- and would you look at that mass? What a buck!!!

< photo DennyBuck_zps3f7d1d20.jpg

We then round out the broadcast by discussing an alarming and somewhat disturbing trend in Wildlife Biology Majors among college undergrads. Sull Ross State University’s Dr. Louis Harveson has seen and done it all when it comes to teaching the future leaders of North American wildlife management. He’s currently is the director of the highly successful Borderlands Research Institute.

Sadly though, Dr. Harveson has seen an alarming trend over the past 5 years among his students…where 90% were male, owned guns and hunted 15 years ago- today we see the trend is 50% female and fewer and fewer wildlife biology majors actually have any hunting experience. You can understand the level of concern we have for this situation considering that anti hunters and PETA/HSUS freaks are infiltrating the ranks of those responsible for harvest recommendations and season dates. Not a good situation!

 photo TAMU_zps85cf8571.jpg

The Future of the Pump Shotgun, A World Record Mako Shark, Calling Winter Coyotes & Big, Cold Water Blue Cats

Episode 251

This week we get the ball rolling by talking shotguns with our good friend and Field & Stream Shooting Editor – Phil Bourjaily. Specifically, we discuss the status of the pump shotgun. With duck hunters and wingshooters seemingly turning to semi autos with more frequency than ever, what does the future hold for the pump? We discuss the pros and cons of the reliable pump shotgun vs the fancy new semi autos paving the way in today’s market. Is the iconic pump scattergun truly becoming obsolete, or is there still a place for it in every hunter’s gun safe?

 photo PumpShotgun_zps5d33ecb4.jpg

Next up we are joined by Predator Pursuit host Jeff Thomason. The native Texan and longtime professional predator hunter made national headlines last summer when he arrowed an 808 lb world record mako shark! One of the pioneers of bowfishing for huge sharks, Jeff talks about the gear and technique used for this style of fishing. How close do you have to get to the shark in order to have enough penetration to reel the fish in? We get all the details on this fish tale of a lifetime! Jeff with his world record mako. 11 feet long and 808 lbs!!!

 photo JEffThomasonShark2_zpsa44fbde3.jpg

We then shift gears as we continue visiting with Jeff Thomason, but in this segment we pick this longtime predator hunter’s brain on calling winter coyotes. With 4 DVD’s and 5 years experience filming Predator Pursuit for both Sportsman and Pursuit Channel, Jeff is about as an accomplished a coyote hunter as there is out there. He breaks down his favorite weather conditions, distress sounds, and calling tips for big, furred up winter song dogs.

 photo JeffThomasonCoyote_zps9de4b1ed.jpg

We round out the broadcast by talking big cold water blue cats with our longtime friend and fishing guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors. November and December are prime months to catch huge blue catfish roaming shallow flats, even in as little as a foot of water. Greg explains why these monsters of the deep move shallow. He tells us what temps to look for, what geographic areas to target and what bait to use. Greg with a 48 lb blue caught in less than 5 feet of water on a recent trip!

 photo GregPavurCatfish_zps28ba9a41.jpg

DU TV Host Ainsely Beeman, Dallas Safari Club Update on African Big Game Hunting, Big Time Texas Hunts Grand Slam Winner and Rippin’ Late Fall Lips W/ Charles Whited

Episode 250

We start thing off by talking ducks, conservation, women in the outdoor industry and a whole lot more with DU TV Host Ainsley Beeman. This Southern Belle grew up in Monroe, Louisiana and has waterfowling in her blood. After winning the 2009 Miss LSU Pagent where she promoted her love for the outdoors and her faith, doors began to open up for Ainsley in the outdoor industry.

From bow hunting black bear in Alaska, to chasing mallards back home in the Louisiana swamp, Ainsley is right at home. Be sure to check out Ainsley and the latest from Ducks Unlimited by tuning into DU TV. The show airs on Pursuit Channel Wednesday nights at 5:30 PM CST and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM CST. Set those DVR’s for a conservation based waterfowling show like none other!

 photo AinselyBeeman2_zpsb30c8a17.png

Coming up on this weekend’s show we also check in with Dallas Safari Club President Ben Carter. There is a certain level of concern over the way the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking into American hunters bringing back African lions harvested on the dark continent. The USFWS doesn’t exactly have a great track record (see their mismanagement with the Polar Bear embargo) so Ben will explain exactly what is going on regarding the lion and hunting opportunity in certain areas of Africa. Our hope is that science based harvest recommendations are used for both the lion and elephant. Of course, we also touch on the upcoming DSC Convention- ‘Traditions’ takes place January 15th-18th in Dallas,TX. For more info visit www.biggame.org.

 photo lion1_zpsb5effa71.jpg

Then we check in with an average Joe hunter, probably much like you and me. Only difference is Corpus Christi native Buddie Gunter is the 2014 Big Time Texas Hunts Grand Slam Winner. What does that mean exactly? Well, Buddie put in for the draw hosted by Texas Parks and Wildlife and his name was randomly selected from over 68,000 applications. Buddie talks about winning the lottery and which hunt he is most excited about. The Grand Slam package includes: whitetail, mule deer, antelope and the coveted desert Big Horn Sheep tag! Congrats on winning the hunt of a lifetime Buddie.

 photo BigTime_zpsfb0e0b9d.png

We wrap things up by talking late fall/early winter lunkers with our friend and guide Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. With two Toyota Sharelunkers having come over the rail of his boat in the past two seasons, Charles’ name has become synonymous with big Texas bass! He tells us what baits he’s having success on as water temps drop and where to locate the big girls. This 9.08 was caught by one of Charles’ clients on Lady Bird this week.

 photo BarefootFishingTours_zps7d5322c4.jpg

Coyote Mortality on Post Rut Bucks, Wetting a Line W/ NBA Star Monta Ellis, & Losing The Red Snapper Fight

Episode 249

NBA Star and Dallas Maverick Monta Ellis wakes up early with us this week. We discuss the start of the NBA season and what it’s been like adding so many new parts to what was a good Mavs team last season. Monta breaks down what it’s been like playing along side Dirk, and playing for coach Rick Carlisle.

Then we quickly shift gears and dive into Monta’s other real passion in life- fishing. He talks about what fishing means to him as place to get away from the fast pace of everyday life. What is his favorite species to catch? What about favorite baits? We even get his signature crappie recipe! The man has a 100 acre lake on his home in Mississippi and he wets a line every chance he gets. I’m sad to say his personal best largemouth has me beat. Monta doing the two things he knows best:

 photo Monta3_zps6beee663.jpg

Next up we break down the predator/prey relationship between whitetail deer and coyotes when outdoor writer Bob Zaiglan drops in. The coyote has proven to be the most adaptable predator in North America. Not surprisingly, this remarkable and intelligent pack animal is responsible for high mortality rates in fawns.

 photo CoyoteFawn_zpsfd9f663e.jpg

What many folks fail to realize however, is the high mortality rate caused by coyotes in mature, post rut bucks. January and February are when mature bucks are at their weakest. They’ve expending so much energy fighting and mating that they usually have lost between 30-35% of their body weight. And where a doe will run from a coyote, a buck will usually square off with them. This typically doesn’t end in the buck’s favor. One coyote keeps the buck facing it while others hamstring him from behind. Bob gives us some insight on how we can help control coyote numbers and also some habitat management ideas that will help decrease fawn mortality rates. This post rut South Texas buck took to water as a survival method after squaring off with coyotes. (Photo by David Sams)

 photo CoyoteBucl_zpsd88531c8.png

Texas Parks and Wildlife Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Reichers joins us next to explain how the Gulf Coast Fishery Management Council voted to essentially shut the private angler completely out of the thriving Red Snapper fishery. Passing by a vote of 10-7, Amendment 40 ensures that private and recreational off shore anglers will have no more than a ONE DAY red snapper season in federal waters this summer.

Robin and our two other Texas reps on the council DID NOT vote in favor of Amendment 40. This type of political corruption has no place in the fishing community. What can we do? When does this Amendment expire? Who should lose their job? Remember, this is a thriving fishery. We have more fish and bigger red snapper than we’ve ever had in the Gulf of Mexico. This is just a money grab by commercial fisherman and those backing them. Meanwhile the folks who pay for fishing licenses are simply getting jobbed. Robin does his best to break it down for us.

 photo RedSnapper_zps09bd73aa.jpg

To Shoot or Not: Does with Fawns, Early Season Duck Tips, Whitetails and Exotics Co-Existing & Bleeding Your Catch

Episode 248

With the Texas general gun season opening up this weekend we start things off by checking in with the man who has his finger on the pulse of our state’s whitetail herd- Texas Parks and Wildlife Whitetail Program Leader Alan Cain. A longtime friend of the show, Alan drops in to talk big bucks, LAMPS permits for East Texas counties that don’t allow doe harvest and we discuss the natural relationship between a doe and her fawn.

We specifically analyze whether or not hunters should harvest a doe with a yearling fawn. Alan breaks down the gestation period of a whitetail and when does typically have fawns drop in Texas. When are fawns weaned? When has a fawn learned enough behavior from it’s mother in order to survive? Also, what about a doe that comes in estrus later than normal. Alan informs us that a doe comes into estrus at the same time every year and if they come into estrous late, they are likely to pass that undesirable genetic trait onto their offspring. You might be surprised to hear his thoughts on harvesting those does AND their fawns. Would you shoot the doe pictured below with a yearling fawn? Alan tells us what he would do:

 photo DoeWithFawn_zps08444842.jpg

Next up we check in with our friend and longtime waterfowl guide Edd Hanson of Hanson Outdoors. Duck season opens up this weekend and we talk early season tips- From calling strategy to decoy placement, number of decoys and how those approaches change as the season progresses. Edd and Hunting Retriever Champion ‘Lead’ with an early season strap of teal:

 photo EddHanson_zps54a1d2bf.jpg

Butch Amlong – Ranch Manager and Outfitter of Squaw Mountain Ranch Trophy Hunts drops by next to talk whitetails and exotics with us. First, we discuss how spring/summer rains affected antler production across the board this fall. Also, how is a bumper acorn crop affecting deer behavior throughout much of Texas?

We then shift gears and analyze the relationship between whitetails and introduced exotic species. High fence, low fence or no fence – exotics are thriving on the Texas landscape. I think most of us agree that this is a good thing as it offers increased hunting opportunity. However, what does it mean for whitetails? With over 20 years experience, Butch gives us his thoughts on how exotics interact with whitetails and if exotics alter the natural behavioral patters of a whitetail. It’s something to think about for anyone considering adding exotic animals to their ranch.

 photo KoonsCanyonStock_zps0f04aa91.jpg

We wrap thing up by checking in with Lone Star Outdoor News writer Steve Schwartz. A recent article of his offered some great insight on how to properly care for a fish you intend on eating. Steve shares a simple but valuable tip on how to maximize the taste of any fish you catch.

 photo BleedingAFish_zps2767b19e.jpg

Pre-Rut Bucks With Terry Drury, Late Fall Lunkers w/ Jeff Kriet & Ghost Powder Bringing in Big Bucks

Episode 247

With Texas’ general deer season set to open up on Saturday, November 1st- we are thrilled to have Terry Drury of Drury Outdoors drop by. One of the most recognizable faces on outdoor television, the Drury Brothers have been filming and producing their own deer hunting shows for over two decades now and Terry knows a thing or two about killing big mature whitetail bucks.

We discuss the brand new show “Drury’s Thirteen which airs on Outdoor Channel Tuesday Nights at 9pm Central. We also discuss pre rut hunting tips during this exciting time of the whitetail’s breeding cycle. Bucks are starting to put their nose to ground and are looking for those first does that come into estrus. Terry gives us his tips on how to kill that giant pre rut buck of a lifetime!

 photo TerryDrury_zps74c7a231.jpg

Next up we shift gears and talk some big bass with Major League Fishing and Elite Series Pro Jeff Kriet. As water temps continue to fall, largemouths once again move shallow and are feeding aggressively. Historically one of the best flippers and pitchers on tour, Jeff talks bait presentation, fishing fall/winter grass and much more.

 photo JeffKrietMLF_zps470d2de9.jpg

We also discuss Major League Fishing’s unique and exciting format and how much more competitive professional bass fishing has become over the past decade. The proof is in the pudding when not only Jeff, but 4 time Classic winner Kevin Van Dam failed to qualify for the upcoming 2015 Bassmaster Classic! Also, our friends at Major League Fishing hooked us up with this autographed Shell Rotella Cup Tournament worn Jeff Kriet jersey which we will give away live during the interview when Jeff issues a bass fishing related trivia question!

 photo jeffk_zpse66785e1.jpg

We round out the show when Ghost Powder’s Kevin Strickland drops by the studio. A lifelong bow hunter, Kevin recently killed his 55th buck with his bow. But his biggest buck to date (a 181 North Texas double droptine monster) was killed while chowing down on Ghost Powder. This unique, all natural, Texas based/Texas made deer attractant is creating quite the buzz among whitetail hunters. Kevin talks about the science based formula and 6 years of trial and error that went into perfecting Ghost Powder.

 photo KevinStrickland1_zps0b8baf3e.jpg

Ghost Powder owner Cody Lee with a nice Fairfield, Texas buck taken while inhaling Ghost Powder on 10/24/14

 photo CodyLeeGhostPowder_zps04e68fd9.jpg

Fearless Quail Forecast, Choosing the Right Crankbait, Introducing Foreverlast & Coastal Fishing Report

Episode 246

Texas Parks And Wildlife Upland Game Bird Program Leader Robert Perez stops in to break down his department’s quail surveys and what they mean for the upcoming season. Much of the state received timely rainfall during the spring and summer. Will that translate into huntable quail numbers of both bobwhite and blue quail in their perspective ranges? Don’t miss Robert’s 2014-2015 Fearless Forecast!

 photo BobwhitePair_zpse9476857.jpg

We then shift gears and talk some bass fishing with FLW Bass Magazine Contributor Sean Ostruska. One of the most overwhelming things for an angler can be walking into a sporting goods store and being inundated with a 1,000 different styles and colors of crankbaits. So how should we educate ourselves so that we know which crankbaits to purchase? Sean’s recent article “Cranking Down The Choices- 18 Ways To Pick The Best Crankbait” tackles this issue in detail.

Sean interviewed countless pros on the subject and we find out what they said about crankbaits. Pretty packaging a nice paint job and a $20 price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that bait is better than the $5 bait on the shelf next to it. Sean breaks down some very specific tips for the angler to consider when selecting the right crankbait. Early fall is one of the best times of the year to chunk ‘em as those big females have followed bait fish back into the shallows and are gorging themselves on everything in sight!

 photo Crankbaits_zpsdb20ed98.jpg

Next up, Foreverlast Founder and President Billy Gerke drops by to talk a little bit of everything. From whitetail deer hunting to wading the Texas coast for specks and redfish. Billy and his family live hunting and fishing and that lead to the creation of Foreverlast over 17 years ago.

Today they offer a wide variety of both hunting and fishing related products that today can be found in just about every major retailer out there. We are thrilled to welcome Billy and the Foreverlast team to our show and are looking forward to a great relationship with this Texas based family owned and operated company.

 photo Billy_Gerke_zpsa174752a.jpg

We wrap up this week’s show when our good buddy and the always affable Captain Len Girard joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our coastal fishing report. The big bull reds are stacking up in the shallows as they get ready for their December spawn. Black drum and flounder are also showing up in good numbers. Captain Len tells us where to find ‘em and how to catch ‘em.

Lastly we discuss the side affects of the new 5 fish trout limit that went into affect this fall. Has Captain Len noticed any change in anglers heading to the coast? How is it affecting guides and other folks who depend on the fishing industry? You might be surprised by his answer.

 photo CaptainLenRedfish_zps9fbc6aa3.jpg

In Depth Look at Red Snapper Fishery, ‘Texas Triple Shot’ & Deer Surveys as A Management Tool

Episode 245

We start things off by talking some big game hunting with Texas Trophy Hunter Association’s VP Of Operations Josh Kinser. You might have seen Josh on Trophy Hunter’s TV which airs on Outdoor Channel. But today we discuss in detail the awesome ‘Texas Triple Shot’ TTHA Membership Drive. Renew your membership or become a member now until October 31st for a chance to win one of 3 fantastic Texas hunting trips!!! Josh tells us all about the mule deer, aoudad and whitetail packages that are up for grabs. Winners will be drawn on November 1st. And remember…3 hunts, 3 winners.

Even better than that though, TTHA has given us a one year membership and a free shot at the Texas Triple Shot to give away on this weekend’s show. Tune in for a trivia question Josh will come up with when we put him on the spot! We also want to thank Josh for his service. Wounded in Iraq multiple times – Staff Sgt. Josh Kinser received a Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts and two Presidential Unit Citations for his service. We appreciate it Josh.

 photo texastripleshotjosh_zps73a20004.png

Next up tackle the Red Snapper issue like never before. This time we check in with Pam Anderson from Captain Anderson’s Marina in Panama City, Florida. This is a topic we covered with everyone from Governor Perry, to our TPWD Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Reichers and various other captains and biologists. But, Pam has been covering this topic and attending the Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council meetings for 7 years. Appointed by the Florida Governor, Pam has some very disturbing news regarding NOAA Fisheries which oversees all of the fisheries in the United States.

There is a very real threat that the Red Snapper fishery will be privitized. If NOAA has it’s way, that will indeed happen. This means recreational anglers will be cut out of the fishery all together and if they do want to catch snapper they will have to purchase ‘Snapper Tags’. This type of ‘Catch Share’ system is unnecessary as the fishery is healthier than it’s ever been. Pam has science based charts and numbers to prove it. The upcoming Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council meeting on October 22nd will determine the fate of the recreational angler when it comes to snapper. Visit the Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council website to leave public feedback or comment before that day! We need every sportsman and woman to stand up for a fishery that belongs to us!!!

 photo PamAnderson_zpsea571764.jpg

We round out the show by talking whitetails with renown whitetail biologist Jason Shipman. His name is synonymous with growing and managing big whitetails in the Lone Star State. Today we talk about the importance of deer surveys as a management tool. Helicopter, spotlight and trail camera’s are all viable options for deer surveys and Jason prefers a combination of at least two of them.

Jason adds years of expertise to the conversation. Bottom line though is that by knowing how many deer you have, you can come up with the right harvest goals for that property. It also can help you with MLD Permit applications with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Lastly, it’s good land stewardship to not carry X number of deer over your carrying capacity. Jason breaks it all down for us. Here is a nice buck he photographed while running a spot light survey.

 photo Survey_zpsb5b779d0.jpg