• Combat Dove Hunting, Summer Papermouths, Judging Trophy Mule Deer and Shotgunning With Mossberg’s Linda Powell

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    We start off by going deep for summer crappie with longtime friend of the show Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. Of course, if Charles is on with us then we’ll have to mix in some largemouth discussion as well. He tells us where he’s finding both species and what he’s catching them on as water temps are well into the upper 80’s across much of the southern U.S.

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    With Dove Season only 2 weeks out we are thrilled to have Field and Stream Magazine Shotgun Editor Phil Bourjaily back on the program. Phil talks about the learning curve with shooting an over/under shotgun vs a semi auto. He also discusses some tips from his upcoming Field and Stream feature “Combat Dove Hunting”. How does Phil survive opening day of dove season when hunters are packed into fields like shotgun wielding sardines?

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    Outdoor writer Leo Harris of the North American Hunting Competition stops in next. We break down his recent article “Field Judging Trophy Mule Deer” which was featured on the OnXMaps website. A veteran of 15 years of chasing back country mule deer, Leo gives us some pointers on how to tell if a buck is a trophy, a decent shooter or just an average deer. Many of us are planning our mule deer hunts for this fall, knowing what we are looking at through the spotting scope vs the naked eye could mean the difference in a true trophy or some major ground shrinkage!

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    We wrap things up by talking land aquisition with Lone Star Ag Credit’s Jason Petit. Let’s face it, land is the one thing they aren’t making more of, yet we all want it. So how can the average outdoorsman or woman afford to get their piece of the pie? It might not be as far fetched as you think.

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  • Breaking Down Topo Maps for the Backcountry Hunt with Randy Newberg, Northern Pike and Smallies with Gord Pyzer and Shotgunning W/ Mossberg Firearms

    August 10, 2016 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography

    Randy Newberg -elk hunter and host of “Fresh Tracks” on Sportsman Channel joins us this week we discuss how he breaks down a topo map prior to a backcountry hunt. What features does he key in on as he pours over paper and digital maps? How does he eliminate non productive areas? We discuss in depth, plus Randy talks about the 5 different parts of the elk season and how he defines each one.

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    Since I am heading to Canada on a fishing trip next week we’ll talk Northern Pike and smallmouth bass with Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame member Gord Pyzer. The predatory nature of the pike is extremely fascinating. Gord tells us where to look for them and what baits will get the most strikes. Looking forward to picking the brain of the Ontario native.

     photo Pike2_zpsmra88mww.jpg

    We wrap up the broadcast by talking shotguns with Mossberg’s Linda Powell. Mossberg gave us a 935 Semi Auto 12 gauge as our August Photo of the Month grand prize. We discuss that waterfowling shotgun as well as their Silver Reserve Super Sport Over/Under shotgun series. This American made classic is a thing of beauty. But what is it like for Mossberg as they try to compete in the over/under market that is dominated by foreign gun makers (Beretta, Benelli, Browning)?

     photo Mossberg OverUnder_zpsuhklajun.png

  • Breaking Down the ‘Air Bow’, Summer Catfishing Tips, Urban Bowhunting – Baptism By Fire, and Carp, Gar and Buffalo for the Table???

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    We get the ball rolling by breaking down “9 Tips for Late Summer Catfish”. The long days might be hotter than heck, but so is the catfishing. Longtime friend Chad Ferguson of North Texas Catfish Guide Service drops in to tell us where to find and catch good numbers for fish fry during the dog days of summer. Drifting, Chumming, Live vs Dead Bait, Punch Bait, Big Flatheads, and Understanding the Thermocline are all on the table for discussion!

     photo Chad-Ferguson-Catfish_zps1e9pydmy.jpg

    Next, we take on the controversial Benjamin Airbow (recently released by Crossman). This weapon projects an arrow, but as you can see in the photo it looks like a gun. So, we’ve invited Archery Trade Association Director Of Government Affairs Mitch King on the show to give us the ATA’s take on the airbow. Do they think it should be allowed during the regular archery season? Apparently this thing flings arrows at 450 feet per second! I will give my opinion as well, plus we take a look at Crossman’s reply to the ATA’s press release on their airbow.

     photo airbow_zpsnhpr9jsu.jpg

    Carp, Gar, Buffalo, Paddlefish??? Do you eat them? Would you eat them? Field and Stream Hunting Editor Will Brantley makes his return to the broadcast and we discuss his article “Fish on A Stick”. These before mentioned rough fish are favorite targets of bowfisherman and Will has tried them all. He tells us which ones are bad, which are good, which one is a true delicacy and even one that is served proudly in many southern restaurants. (Don’t shoot paddlefish in Texas by the way, they’re protected here but are fair game in many other states).

     photo Will Brantley Gar_zps3e1dj0xv.jpg

    We wrap up by doing a little urban bowhunting for cottontail rabbits and I share a personal story you might find humorous. Lets just say a couple friends from New York City got more than they bargained for when they came and ate at the Smith house last weekend!

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