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Our Latest Adventure

Went out with some new friends from Orvis and caught our first carp on the Temple Fork Flyrod. What a rush! These fish are awesome fighters.


Field Medicine & Wilderness Survival Part II, Getting Geared up For Bow Season, Hog Hunting on Public Land & The New G&H Decoys ‘Navigator’

Episode 234

With archery season finally upon the horizon, we start things off by talking bow maintenance with Cinnamon Creek Ranch’s Chris Lutsinger. A longtime bow technician and competitive shooter, Chris shares over 30 years of expertise with us. The Texas archery season opens up on September 27th and discuss how to make sure that bow is tuned and ready to rock and roll on Opening Day! Also, what are some things to consider when setting up a new bow? How should you define your draw length and appropriate poundage? Chris breaks it all down for us. (Chris doing what he does best)

 photo ChrisLutsinger1_zps25ec0fd1.jpg

Next up we talk some feral hog hunting with renown outdoor writer and blogger Gayne C. Young. A Texas native and editor of Dallas Safari Club’s ‘Game Trails’ publication- Gayne’s book ‘The Complete Guide To Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina’ covers feral hog hunting from top to bottom. In this interview we take the hunt to the pigs, there is nothing wrong with hunting them over a corn feeder or bait pile, but what if you don’t have a lease? Well there are plenty of WMA’s out there that allow hog hunting but you have to go in and get them during the day. So finding those bedding areas and travel corridors are key. Gayne shares some insight with us on the subject. Also, be sure to check out a couple of his more recent books “And Monkeys Threw Crap at Me” & the brand new (out this week) “Teddy Roosevelt, Sasquatch Hunter”.

 photo GayneYoung_zpsa50549f5.jpg

Dr. Joe Alton then returns for part two of our two week mini series on Field Medicine and Wilderness Survival. In this 2nd installment we cover a few common injuries likely to occur on hunting/fish trips that we were unable to get to last week. Notably, caring for broken bones, what do in cases of hypothermia and heat exhaustion and also how to deal with possible head traumas. Dr.Alton (AKA ‘Dr. Bones’) helps us understand what to do in these situations where help is miles, sometimes even days away from arriving. Be sure to check out his book

 photo Fracture_zps17d77c51.jpg

We round out the broadcast by talking waterfowl hunting with G&H Decoys ‘Duck G.’ whose family has owned and operated G&H Decoys since 1934. There is no room for complacency in the decoy making business and G&H is introducing the all new Navigator swimming decoy for this fall. We all know how those calm days in the marsh cause a decoy spread to become ineffective and G&H’s Navigator is the solution. Of course, we also get a waterfowling history lesson each time we check in with the good spirited Duck G who will tell you first hand he’s been around ‘Since before grass has been growing’! And…we even give away a brand new Navigator decoy during the interview so be sure to tune in!

 photo Navigator2_zps869223ac.png

Field Medicine & Survival Part 1, Josh Kinser- VP of Texas Trophy Hunters Association, Dove Season Warm Up & Trout Bite On Fire Along Upper Laguna Madre

Episode 233

This week we kick things off by covering a myriad of topics with Texas Trophy Hunter Association Vice President of Operations Josh Kinser. Not only is Josh the producer of Trophy Hunter TV which airs on Outdoor Channel but he also has a host of other responsibilities. One of them is helping with a new partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife who has enlisted TTHA and Josh to help promote TPWD”s public hunting opportunities. Of course we also talk about the upcoming TTHA show schedule with hunting Extravaganza’s coming to Houston (Aug 1-3), Ft. Worth (Aug 15-17) and San Antonio (Aug 22-24). Josh also recaps a couple of amazing hunts he’s been on recently, like the Trophy Hunter TV trip to New Zealand where he harvested this beautiful tahr.

 photo JoshKinserTTHALogo_zps613c23a5.png

With September 1st only weeks away, dove is on my mind and likely on many of yours as well. So we talk mourning dove and white wings with Beau Saucier of DFW’s renown dove outfit- Dove Blasters. I have hunted with Dove Blasters the past two years and they run a first class operation. Preliminary releases from Texas Parks and Wildlife predict that this will be a great year for over 1 million Texas dove hunters who take to the field this season. Beau gives us some tips on hunting the late season as well some insight an old timer once shared with him that will turn a chunk of crop less black dirt into a dove hunting honey hole!

Most Texans don’t own their own piece of dove hunting paradise. So a season or day lease is the next best option. There are reputable outfits like Dove Blasters in North Texas or Kinney Farms outside of San Antonio. Just find a reputable outfitter in your area to get plugged in with and enjoy what should be a great season. Lets see if Texas dove hunters can top the 4.8 million dove we harvested last season!

 photo MourningDove_zps88b50954.jpg

We then change things and get into our 2 week mini series on field medicine and wilderness survival tips with Dr. Joe Alton- AKA ‘Dr. Bones’. His book ‘The Survival Medicine Handbook’ has been a number one seller on Amazon. As hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts we often find ourselves in remote situations where help is sometimes hours, maybe even days away. It’s no secret that sometimes accidents happen, often resulting from things that are out of our control. In Part 1 of our 2 week mini series with Dr. Bones, we go over remote care for snake bites, spider bites and various other stings. We also go over open wound care. How should you clean an open wound? How should you dress it? What about stitching it up and closing the wound altogether? Dr. Bones breaks it all down for us.

 photo DRBones_zps18c5ea53.png

We round this week’s show out by talking trout and redfish with our good buddy Captain Len Girard who joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our coastal fishing report. The late and somewhat brutal winter has the trout spawning later than normal- good news for Texas anglers this summer as big trout and good numbers can be found up and down the coast. Captain Len tells us where to find ‘em and what they biting. We also hit on redfish, black drum and those delicious mangrove snapper as well!

 photo Specks_zps93f84dd6.jpg

The History of the Derringer Pistol w/ Bond Arms, Zane Williams Live In Studio & Carp on the Fly!

Episode 232

We get things rolling this weekend with one of the best giveaways we ever had. Gordon Bond of Bond Arms joins the show to talk not only about the history of the ever popular Derringer style pistol. This is the same type of pistol that John Wilkes Booth famously in his assassination of President Lincoln. Over 150 years later, Derringer’s remain popular personal protection choices and Bond Arms has been manufacturing some of the finest Derringers on the market for nearly 2 decades. Bond Arms is also sponsoring our July 2014 Photo of The Month contest and has offered up a brand new Backup in .45 ACP as the grand prize. Mr. Bond with a couple of popular Derringer’s from the Bond Arms line:

 photo GordonBond_zpscb8c846b.jpg

Next up, a very special in studio treat when our longtime friend, honky tonker and hunting buddy Zane Williams drops by. Zane will play a couple tunes off his Overnight Success record as well as a brand new one that you probably haven’t heard yet. We talk some music and the upcoming record.

 photo Zane4_zps02eff9ad.jpg

Then we shift gears and get into Zane’s other passion- hunting. We’ll recap some recent hunts we’ve shared and also talk about Zane’s experience harvesting his first big game animal on our ‘Guns & Guitars’ weekend at Koon’s Canyon Ranch. Zane with his beautiful axis buck in full velvet- the smile tells it all!

 photo ZaneAxis_zps34eb5769.jpg

We put a bow on this thing by talking some carp fishing (or ‘carping’ as it is commonly referred to as) with Benjamin Gossett – Fishing Manager at the Orvis store in Plano, Texas. Earlier in the week, Benjamin showed me the ropes on fly fishing for carp. I never thought these fish had much to offer the serious angler but hooking up with a 7 lb carp on my flyrod quickly changed my perspective! What a great fighting fish and a heck of a good time. Wading and sight casting for carp is challenging and rewarding- much like doing the same for redfish on the coast. Benjamin with a nice carp from our trip:

 photo CarpCollage-Copy_zpse3e3db4d.png

What To Do With Water Turkeys, Summer Retriever Tips, A Catfish Tournament for the Ages & How Shot String Affects Waterfowlers

Episode 231

Cormorant hunting? Are you kidding me? NOPE. We start the show off by checking in with Chief Derrell Schipes of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. This past winter, Derrell’s division executed the first ever cormorant removal plan of it’s kind in the United States. Over 500 volunteer agents (hunters) took to the field and killed over 12,000 double breasted cormorants off the Santee Cooper Lakes.

With a diet comprised 100% of fish- both game and baitfish- it’s easy to see why anglers don’t care for this species. Cormorants are also experiencing an all time high in population. Much like South Carolina, Texas anglers and waterfowlwers are used to seeing huge flocks cormorants on our reservoirs each winter. Maybe Texas Parks & Wildlife should have a similar plan? It is confirmed that they are kicking the tires on the issue. Cormorant eating an alligator gar nearly it’s own size:

 photo CormorantGar_zps94558c6e.jpg

Next up we talk some shotgunning when Field & Stream Shotgun Editor Phil Bourjaily makes his return to the program. He also writes for Ducks Unlimited Magazine and his recent piece “A New Look At Shot Strings’ analyzed whether or not the ‘shot string’ of high velocity steel shot really affects a waterfowler’s ability to kill a duck or goose inside 40 yards (decoying birds). There are a few schools of thought that Phil debunks with us during our visit. You might be surprised to find out if or if not shot string really matters.

 photo ShotString_zpsb5201480.png

Then we are joined by our good friend Gus Samuelson of Big Gus & Swampadelic. The first annual Big Gus’s Swampadelic Catfish Tournament and Fish Fry is right around the corner and Big Gus gives us all the details. With a $5,000 1st place payout, this is the biggest catfishin’ tournament the Lone Star State has ever seen. Noodlers and rod and reel anglers from all over the southern U.S. will square off for a chance to win a huge payday. Any catfish caught on any lake may be weighed in alive at Southern Junction in Royse City, Texas the evening of July 12th. Gus also talks about his passion for getting kids into the outdoors and the Trinity River Audubon Center which the tournament is benefiting.

 photo BigGus_zps138579ce.jpg

We wrap things up by talking summer retriever tips with Angie Becker of Tioga Retrievers. A longtime friend of the show and Belle’s trainer, Angie offers some sound advice on when and how long you should be working your dog during the Texas summer heat. She gives some simple tips to help keep your dog sharp during these dog days of summer.

What if your dog does get overheated? What signs should you look for and how should you treat it? We also discuss an upcoming snake breaker clinic and the importance of having your hunting buddy snake proofed. Death or lengthy vet stays coupled with outrageous bills are things that can be easily avoided if you take necessary precaution. Maverick and Belle getting a brief training session in during the Texas summer:

 photo MavBelleTraining_zps265d0b84.png

Save A Gill Hooked Fish’s Life, Understanding Why Deer Move During Daylight, Monster Flatheads and Barbed vs Barbless Hooks

Episode 230

This week fly fishing blogger and renown fishing photographer Louis Cahill of Gink & Gasoline stops by discuss his recent piece
“Chug a Coke, Save a Bleeding Fish”. For years bass anglers have sworn that pouring a soft drink over a gill hooked bass can save the fish’s life. Is there any validity to it, or is it urban legend? Louis breaks it down for us. Also, he shares some valuable photography tips that can really help make the images you capture during your outdoor adventures stand out and pop! Great insight for folks looking to win one of our monthly photo contests… (Photo by Louis Cahill)

 photo TroutCoke_zps40ee4e46.jpg

Next we get into an in depth whitetail discussion to help ease us through these dog days of summer. How much does moon phase play into when whitetails move during daylight hours? Afterall, that is the only time hunters have a chance to harvest a whitetail so understanding when and why they move is vital. This weekend we check in with longtime hunter, whitetail author and researcher Dr. Bob Sheppard. In over 30 years of research Dr. Sheppard has compiled data from over 400,000 deer sightings by whitetail hunters. You might be surprised at how the moon phase really does affect deer movement.

 photo bigbuck_zps679e35b1.jpg

Then our longtime friend and catfish guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors makes his return to the show. We go “River Monsters’ on ya as Greg discusses where to find monster flathead catfish during the summer months. He talks about his setup as well, from fishing line to hooks and what bait flatheads are most likely to bite. How long will he sit at a particular log jam or river bend waiting for that one bite? Greg shares his expertise and also touches on the channel cat spawn and where to find big schools of hungry, post spawn channels. Great with a 40 plus lb flathead:

 photo GregFlathead_zps4c08defc.jpg

We wrap things up when Lone Star Outdoor News writer Steven Schwartz drops in to discuss barbed vs barbless hooks. He recently wrote an article on the subject and touched on a few recent experiments where anglers were randomly given barbed hooks vs barbless hooks. Was there a significant difference in the catch rate for the two groups? What about on conventional tackle vs fly rods? Longtime Lake Fork fly fishing guide Rob Woodruff shared his insight with Steven based on 35 years of fly fishing experience and Rob’s stance on barbless hooks for largemouth bass is definitely worth taking a listen to.

 photo StevenSchwartzLSON_zps3bc7e948.jpg

Steven Rinella on All Things Optics and A Bull Moose Charge, Coastal Fly Fishing With Costa Pro Captain Scott Sommerlatte

Episode 229

We get things going this week by talking coastal fly fishing with longtime Texas guide and Costa Del Mar Pro Captain Scott Sommerlatte. Scott specializes in sight casting to big bull reds in shallow water. He tells us what to look for when trying to locate early summer redfish as well as what fly patterns are most likely to produce a strike.

 photo ScottSommerlatte2_zpsf9ae8418.jpg

We also will give away a Costa Del Mar promo card during our visit with Captain Sommerlatte. Be listening for the Captain’s fishing related trivia question during our interview. Text in the right answer for a chance to customize your own pair of Costa’s! Thanks to our great sponsor.

 photo CostaDelMarPromoCards_zpscab8f16a.jpg

Then we check in with longtime friend of the show and host of Meateater TV on Sportsman Channel when Steven Rinella drops in. We dive into the importance of quality optics for Western big game hunting. Whether you use Vortex Optics, like Steven and myself or you go with another brand, having quality binos, a spotting scope and rifle scope is paramount. Steven also talks about his methodical approach to glasses an area. How does he break up the landscape prior to glassing? This seasoned big game hunter has put in the hours behind the glass and he shares all his years of tips and expertise with us.

 photo StevenRinella_zpsbb19dcf8.jpg

We also get into one of the more humorous and scary things ever seen on Meateater TV when Steven breaks down one of the biggest ‘Oh Crap’ moments of his hunting career. If you missed last season’s British Columbia moose hunt then you’ll want to hear what went through his mind when a wounded 1,000 lb moose comes barreling towards him! Scary stuff for sure but it makes for one hell of a hunting story. Steven right before he gets knocked to the ground by the wounded moose:

 photo StevenRinellaMoose_zpsadfcdd99.jpg

Bullet Deflection Through Brush w/ Outdoor Life’s Andrew McKean, Bill Dance on Bass Behavior & Saltwater Angling and Reds/Trout With Captain Len Girard

Episode 228

Anybody who has hunted long enough has been faced with a questionable rifle shot. You know, the one where you can make out the animal very clearly, but you have to shoot through a bit of vegetation, grass or brush. Do you take the shot? How much does a tiny bit of brush really affect the trajectory of your bullet? Outdoor Life Magazine Editor & Chief Andrew McKean recently conducted an experiment on this exact scenario where he analyzed how much deflection vegetation has on some of the more popular hunting rounds. We break down his feature “Brush Busters” which appeared in the June/July issue of Outdoor Life. Andrew with a beautiful bull moose!

 photo AndrewMcKean_zps72378b33.jpg

Next up one of the most recognizable faces of the outdoor industry makes his return to the show when the always affable Bill Dance stops by for a couple of segments. We discuss some of Bill’s favorite salt water species to pursue from tarpon, to big bull redfish and even barracudas. Then we switch things up and talk low pressure systems and how they can affect feeding largemouth behavior and feeding patterns during spring and summer warm weather months. Does Bill prefer to fish ahead of or behind heavy precipitation and why? All that and a whole lot more with one of the 3 time Bassmaster Angler of the Year (1970, ’73, ’77) and host of the popular hit show Bill Dance Outdoors which has been on the air continuously since 1968!

 photo BillDanceRedfish_zps5103cc37.jpg

We wrap things up this week when our good buddy and fishing guide Captain Len Girard joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our Texas coastal fishing report. Have the big specks shown up in the shallows in good numbers? What is Captain Len catching them on and at what depth? Also, we talk big redfish like the ones caught by this recent group of clients. This one should leave little doubt that now is the time to head to the Texas coast!

 photo CaptainLenRedfish2_zpsc6390ff4.jpg

Nesting Conditions in Prairie Pothole Region, Mark Davis’ Amazing Turnaround, Going Deep For Summer Bluegills and TFO’s Nicholas Conklin

Episode 227

All right all you waterfowlers out there, the dog days of summer are upon us…but up North ducks are doing their thing and making more ducks for us to chase next fall. This week we check in with our longtime friend John Devney- VP Of U.S. Policy at Delta Waterfowl. Delta’s headquarted in North Dakota- right in the middle of the all important Prairie Pothole Region where most Central Flyway ducks are hatched. John breaks down how this year’s moisture will affect the 2014 fall migration from a numbers standpoint.

We also discuss the unfortunate plight of one of my favorite ducks – the American Wigeon and why when other ducks species are thriving, this species continues to see a drop in numbers. Also, why have pintail numbers seen a decline the past couple of years? John breaks it all down for us. (Pintail hen nesting in North Dakota)

 photo NorthernPintailNest_zps1c20c5cb.jpg

Next we are joined by one of the most successful anglers that pro bass fishing has ever seen when Arkansas native Mark Davis stops by. A three time Angler of the Year with a BassMaster Classic title to boot, Mark is chasing history on the Elite Series this season. At age 51, Mark finds himself in first place in the Angler of the Year standings with 2 events left. Mark last won AOY in 2001 and hasn’t won an Elite Series event since 2005, so at 51, how has he rediscovered the form that saw him dominate the mid 90′s thru early 2000s?

 photo MarkDavis_zps979bd587.jpg

We also discuss Mark’s favorite technique for putting early summer toads in the boat. His forte has long been post spawn bass and fishing deep structure so his insight couldn’t come at a better time with most bass in the Southern part of the country well into that post spawn pattern. We finish things up by talking some bluegill fishing with Mark. I recently became aware of his affinity for summer blue gills when I stumbled across an article in the June/July issue of Outdoor Life Magazine where Mark discussed where to find big panfish and what kind of presentation he wears ‘em out on during the summer. (Photo Bill Linder)

 photo bluegills_zps553ed6cd.jpg

We wrap things up by checking in with Temple Fork Outfitters’ Trade Show and Social Media Manager Nicholas Conklin. Temple Fork has long been our fly rod sponsor and we are happy to now be using their conventional bass rods as well. Nicholas talks about the entire line of TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Bass Rods like the one pictured below.

Whether you like to crank, fish a drop shot, swimbait, pitch soft plastics or any other technique, TFO has a rod designed specifically for that technique. Also, remember to send us your June hunting/fishing photos for a chance to win a TFO Gary Loomis bass rod like the one pictured below. Special thanks to TFO for sponsoring our June 2014 Photo of The Month Contest!

 photo TFO_zps1303016f.png

Takahiro Omori, ‘Stacking’ Buck Age Classes, Army Bass Anglers Update & Getting Back To The Basics of Fishing Live Bait

Episode 226

This week we start off with one of the most inspiring tales of dedication that the outdoor industry has ever seen. Takahiro Omori left his native Japan for the U.S. at 21 with dreams of becoming a professional bass fisherman. He lived in a ’93 Chevy Suburban on Lake Fork for years, missing cut after cut in the tournaments he fished. But he studied the sport like no one before or since, after a missed cut he’d take his boat out and watch and photograph anglers like Rick Clunn, he’d take notes and then he’d study everything he observed.

Soon, Tak began winning and he reached in the pinnacle of pro bass fishing by winning the 2004 Bassmaster Classic. He since has built a house on Lake Fork with a swimming pool, but he doesn’t swim in it. He uses the pool to test new baits and see how they move underwater. Tak has been a mainstay on the pro circuit for years now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He currently fishes the BassMaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing and has qualified for 10 Classics. He truly is living proof that the American Dream is alive and well!

 photo Takahiro2_zpsc568a3db.jpg

Next we talk some whitetail management with industry leader Jason Shipman. His name is pretty much synonymous with growing big bucks in Texas. And if you’ve ever picked up a copy of Texas Trophy Hunter Magazine, then you’ve probably read some of his work. Today we discuss the technique of “stacking” age classes of bucks and how it can double or even triple the number of trophy quality bucks on your ranch or lease and what hunter doesn’t want to see more big bruisers on their place? This low fence Texas whitetail from one of the ranches Jason helps manage is proof that stacking is a viable tool when it comes to growing big deer:

 photo Stacking_zpsb50157df.jpg

Then our good friend and Army Bass Anglers founder Lt. Colonel Cody Roberson stops by to talk some fishing and give us the low down on what’s new with Army Bass Anglers. We discuss the hit show ‘Force on Force’ where teams from the different branches of the military square off against one another in an elimination bracket style tournament. Force on Force airs on the World Fishing Network.

We also discuss some new sponsors that Army Bass Anglers has recently signed. Lt. Colonel Roberson has been in the industry for some time and knows a thing or two about what makes a potential sponsor want to give you product or make a financial commitment to you. So for any young, aspiring outdoorsmen/anglers out there looking to recruit sponsorship- you won’t want to miss this valuable insight into how the industry works. Army Bass Angler Pro Staff Dale Hughes and friend of the ABA Randy Havard take first place at the TTZ Canyon Lake event, weighing in a 17 lb sack and taking home first place:

 photo ArmyBassAnglers_zps2eed578d.jpg

We round out the show by discussing live bait fishing with Texas Outdoors Journal writer Danno Wise. His recent Tackle Tips & Techniques piece sheds light on the various ways and applications to fish a minnow. Many anglers probably just hook a minnow the same way every time, likely the way their dad or grandfather showed them. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you can increase the number of fish you catch by changing up where you hook a minnow and how you fish them, from a Carolina Rig to free lining them, to using the traditional cork or bobber. Danno discusses when and how to do each. (Photo By Noel Stacey)

 photo NoelStacy_zps3716b67f.jpg

Texas Free Range Aoudad Hunting, Time Bandit Captain Johnathan Hillstrand, Elite Series Pro Keith Combs and A One of A Lone Star Fly Fishing Event!

Episode 225

We start off talking free range aoudad hunting in the Texas Hill Country with Zac Bents of Droptine Hunting. I had the pleasure of hunting these amazing animals with Zac this past week outside of Bandera, Texas. Aoudad sheep inhabit the most rugged and unforgiving regions Texas has to offer, the highest elevations in the Hill Country and they also thrive in the mountainous regions of West Texas. You’ll spend hours glassing rocky ridges and ledges looking for that shooter ram and then trying to get into a position to execute an ethical shot. So if Western big game style hunting interests you then I highly recommend chasing Texas aoudad. Zac and I talk all things aoudad hunting and also how and when the species arrived on the Texas landscape. Me with my nice Hill Country ram that Zac put me on:

 photo Aoudad6-Copy_zps78e7573e.jpg

Next we talk some fishing with Bering Sea crabber Johnathon Hillstrand. You probably recognize him as the captain of the Time Bandit on Discovery Channel’s hit show Deadliest Catch which is now airing it’s 10th season! John gives us the best pranks the Time Bandit boys have ever played as well as the handful of times he’s truly been scared for his life while crabbing the Bering Sea.

Did the government shutdown really cost each boat in the crab fleet a significant amount of coin? What about John’s thoughts on the much anticipated return of the Cornelia Marie- captained by the late Phil Harris’ son Josh? John breaks it all down for us and then some so get ready for a good time with this bull and Harley riding crabber from the Bering Sea. Be sure to catch Deadliest Catch Tuesdays 8PM Central on Discovery.

 photo JohnHillstrand_zpsf7d8d43a.jpg

Then, if you haven’t heard by now Huntington, Texas native and Elite Series Pro Keith Combs recently obliterated just about every record relative to the common 3 day, 5 fish per day format of modern day professional bass fishing. While fishing the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork two weeks ago, Keith turned in a 110 plus pound 15 fish sack that bested the previous 3 day record (set in 2000 by Byron Velvick) by over 26 lbs!!!

Keith talks about his key’s to victory that saw him average 7.33 lbs per bass weighed in! We talk deep water cranking and also discuss the less known technique of “strolling” that helped Keith land a couple solid 8 plus pound toads. This marks his 3rd Toyota Texas Bass Classic title in the past 4 years and it netted him a nice $100,000 payday. Keith with a couple Lake Fork chunks from the tournament:

 photo KeithCOmbs_zps83c495a7.jpg

We round things out by talking some fly fishing with the Texas Council of International Federation of Fly Fishers President Russell Husted. Not only do we pick this longtime fly fisherman’s brain on his favorite early summer flies for bass, but we also get into a one of a kind event coming to New Braunfels, Texas June 12th-14th. The Destination Texas Fly Fishing Expo will see expert guides, rod builders, fly tiers, and fly fisherman come together for a one of a kind expo celebrating fly fishing in the Lone Star State. Russell gives us the highlights and some of the big names from the industry who will be a part of this special weekend!

 photo DestinationFLyFishTexas_zps08862471.png