• Long Range Shooting w/ GeoBallistics, Captain Len on Reds/Trout, Off Season Whitetail Management w/ Dr. Deer and Snow Geese w/ A Living Legend

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    We get things going this week by checking in with Joe Baker of GeoBallistics and the BallisticsArc Calculator. If long range shooting is something that intrigues you then you won’t want to miss out on Joe’s expertise on the subject. We not only talk about what goes into dialing up a long range shot, but also what things a shooter needs to consider in a long range caliber. Be sure to check out the BallisticsArc App – it might sound intimidating, but if Cable can do it so can you! (I was hitting steel with ease at 700 yards after a few minutes with the GeoBallistics crew).

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    Then we check back in with Captain Len Girard who is finally back on his feet after a serious accident. Nearly two months ago, Captain Len fell and suffered a ruptured spleen that nearly killed him! So we are certainly glad he’s on the road to recovery and are thrilled to be talking bay fishing with everybody’s favorite captain once again.

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    Next, we talk off season whitetail management with our old friend Dr James Kroll – AKA Dr. Deer. Prescribed burns, spring planting, timber harvest are just a few of things we get into. Also, 31 states have experienced a decline in whitetail population since 2000. We get Dr. Deer’s take on that alarming trend as well. Plus we’ll discuss the upcoming 13th Annual Dr Deer Field Day in March.

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    We wrap up the show by talking snow geese hunting and conservation season with waterfowling legend Duck G. The 3rd Generation owner of G&H Decoys has been around for 82 seasons and has witnessed the evolution of the sport like neither you or I can claim. Duck talks about the good old days on the Katy Prairie, the changes in decoys and camo, lead vs steel shot and much more. Never a dull moment with the salty old duck hunter.

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  • Episode 366 – Obama’s Parting Shot to Hunters & Anglers, New World Record Spotted Bass, An Outdoorsman’s Sense of Compassion and Pintail Limit Dropping For Next Season

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    We take a look at Obama’s parting shot to hunters/anglers everywhere with the Federal Lands Lead Shot/Tackle directive that was slid in under the rug by former USFWS Director Dan Ashe. This was done on the last day of he and Obama’s terms and without any discussion/research whatsoever. National Shooting Sports Foundation Legal Counsel Lawrence Keane drops in to talk about the implications of this blatant disregard for conservation dollars and wildlife that benefit from sales of lead ammo and tackle.

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    Next we hear the heartwarming story of how one outdoorsman saved a huge North Texas buck from a certain and awful death. Thrilled to have Blake Wilson in the studio to share his once in a lifetime encounter.

     photo Blake Wilson_zpsnvotfuxb.png

    Then we are joined by professional bass angler Cody Meyer who recently broke the world record with a 10.8 lb spotted bass! Cody tells us how he found this fish and eventually caught the lunker of a lifetime. The Garmin Panoptix were instrumental in finding her and making the perfect presentation.

     photo Cody Meyer_zpsa2hp7y97.jpg

    We wrap things up with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Waterfowl Program Leader Kevin Kraai. We recently found out that the pintail daily bag limit will be decreasing nationwide next season and Kevin will shed some light on why this majestic duck species has been struggling of late.

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  • Tim Wells on Spearing Himself and Leaving Mathews Archery, Bowfishing Trophy Alligator Gar and A Major Victory For You- The Public Landowner With Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

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    We start off by talking bowhunting with Tim Wells. The legendary, free spirited outdoorsman made headlines last spring when he accidentally speared himself while hunting in South Africa. With no water, no radio and no help on the way, Tim was facing life and death as he struggled to control the bleeding. He relives that surreal experience with us and the aftermath of almost losing his leg to infection from the contaminated spear going through his thigh (he had previously speared gemsbok and warthogs with the spear without washing it off).

     photo TimLeg_zpsezbsqa8z.png

    Then we take on the elephant in the room and find out exactly why Tim split with Mathews Archery after a 20 plus year relationship. As expected, he landed on his feet and even in a better fit with Oneida Archery, but what ultimatum was given to make Tim walk away? We get the nitty gritty truth from a real tell it like it is kind of guy.

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    Then we chase trophy alligator gar with Cody Soele of Extreme Bowfishing. The longtime guide talks about current bag limits and whether or not the alligator gar is truly threatened as far as population goes. Is one fish per angler, per day too many or not enough? Cody gives us his professional opinion based off of experience and what he says day in and day out on the water. Plus, we discuss the trophy alligator gar trip we are giving away this month! Be sure to send in your best hunting/fishing/outdoor photo for a chance to join me on a trophy alligator gar bowfishing trip this spring/summer.

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    We round out the show by checking in with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers CEO Land Tawney. The hunting/fishing community scored a major win this week with the defeat of House Bill HR 621 which was designed to sell off 3.3 million acres of public hunting land across 10 western states. Land also talks about his journey as a conservationist and how he ended up at Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. If you aren’t familiar with this organization then you need to tune in. Talk about taking a proactive stance instead of letting the game come to them. I’m a big fan of what they stand for and what they are doing on the front lines to protect our public lands.

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