• White Rhinos to Texas? Fly Fishing With Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer, Texas Rice Production Affecting Central Flyway Waterfowl and Chasing Early Fall Lunkers

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    What do African white rhinos have to do with the Texas landscape? If you haven’t heard, the Texas based Exotic Wildlife Association is undertaking perhaps it’s biggest project to date. EWA Executive Director Charly Seale joins us to discuss ‘Rhino 1000’. This project essentially will bring South African rhinos to Texas for the purposes of protection and reproduction. Many of the arriving rhinos are expected to be orphans of rhinos that were poached for their ivory.

    Charly talks about the strict regulations involved with the project. The ranches receiving rhinos must meet strict requirements and take a course on how to care for these magnificent animals. Keep in mind that there will be no hunting of white rhinos in Texas, ‘Rhino 1000’ is a dedicated conservation effort to help save the species from poaching in it’s native lands.

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    Next, we talk some flyfishing with Orvis Rod and Tackle’s Tom Rosenbauer. A respected author, instructor and fly fishing innovator, Tom was named Fly Rod and Reel Magazine’s 2011 Angler of the Year. He has written over a dozen fly fishing books and hosts the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast. Needless to say, he is one of the most respected fly fisherman on the planet.

    We discuss the changing trend in participation within the sport. Also, what about the longtime conventional angler taking up fly fishing? What species should one pursue? Tom breaks it all down for us, plus gives us some tips that could make that afternoon spent wading with the long rod one of the most memorable fishing experiences of your life.

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    We tackle a serious waterfowl conservation issue next with Ducks Unlimited Conservation Outreach Biologist Kirby Brown. With rice production along the Texas coastal prairies at an all time low, we are starting to see the negative affects on duck and goose populations that depend on those wetlands every winter. Water usage issues are a major concern as rice farmers simply aren’t getting enough water due to extended drought conditions.

    What species of ducks are being affected the most? What is Ducks Unlimited doing to work with landowners and water policy writers to make sure this immensely important wintering habitat remains? As far as the Central Flyway is concerned, the Texas rice prairies hosts the largest concentration of wintering waterfowl in the entire flyway.

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    We wrap up this week’s show by talking early fall lunker patterns with longtime guide and successful tournament angler Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. With 2 Toyota Sharelunkers coming over the rail of his bass boat in the past 3 years, no Texas angler can say they know big bass better than Charles. (He is also well on his way to securing his 2nd Angler of the Year title of the year in the Central Texas/Hill Country region).

    Charles tells us where he is finding fish as temps begin to cool off and what baits he catching them on. He also offers some interesting advice regarding the size of plastic worms he is routinely throwing – you might be surprised to hear his thoughts on the way bass have changed their response to certain baits due to increased fishing pressure over the past 10 or so years.

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  • Texas Dove Forecast, Heartland Bowhunter’s Michael Hunsucker, Coastal Fishing Report and Tunes/Fishing Talk w/ Matt Caldwell

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    We kick things off by talking dove, dove and more dove with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Dove Program Leader Shawn Oldenburger. With the North/Central Zones opening up this week and the South Zone not too far behind, dove is on just about everyone’s mind these days. How did the extremely wet spring affect production? How many Texas hunters will take to the field this season and how many dove does Shawn expect us to harvest? With over 50 million mourning dove and 9 million ( a record high) whitewings calling Texas home, I guarantee the amount of birds Texans harvest is staggering! Shawn gives his Fearless Forecast and regional hotspots for the upcoming season.

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    Heartland Bowhunter’s Michael Hunsucker then makes his first appearance on the Lone Star Outdoors Show. One of the founders and co-hosts of the hit bowhunting show ‘Heartland Bowhunter’ – we talk chasing big whitetails, giant mulies and bugling bulls with a stick and string. Heartland Bowhunter celebrates 8 seasons and it’s 100th Episode on Outdoor Channel this week and that my friends, is staying power in this industry.

    We discuss the ins and outs of hunting on film. How many hunts have been blown or busted just by having a cameraman in tow at all times? To what does he attribute Heartland Bowhunter’s continued success? We cover it all and a whole lot more! Be sure to set your DVR for Heartland Bowhunter- incredible cinematography and great story telling week in and week out.

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    Redfish, Trout, Flounder and Red Snapper are up next with our longtime friend Captain Len Girard. We find out where each species is staging and what Captain Len is catching them on. We also dive into the way Texas Parks and Wildlife has managed our inshore species and whether Captain Len believes their intended goals are being met. ( Right to Left – Myself, my dad and my buddy after a successful trip to Corpus Christi Bay last month)

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    We round out the show with a special in studio guest when Texas honky tonker Matt Caldwell joins the broadcast. A native of North Texas, Matt spent over a decade writing songs in Nashville before moving back to Texas to chase his real dream. 3 years later he has released two records including the brand new “Dreams and Dust”. We hear some great new tunes and talk some hunting and fishing with Matt.

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  • Bowhunting w/ Korbin’s Archery, Cody Jinks on Bass Fishing and New Tunes and Examining the Impact of the Feeder Industry with All Season’s Feeders

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    With bow season in sight, we kick things off by talking archery with Korbin Williams of Korbin’s Archery. A school psychologist by trade, Korbin’s Archery has been producing some of the archery industry’s premiere bow strings for nearly a decade now. Korbin talks about getting involved in the business and why he made his first set of strings.

    As someone who was in the thick of things when TPWD decided to allow crossbows as part of the regular archery season, did Korbin see a significant uptick in the number of crossbow strings being ordered? We also discuss chasing big whitetails from Texas to Kansas! Korbin with last year’s Kansas brusier:

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    Then, he’s a modern day Randy Travis. A true renaissance man on the country music scene and we are thrilled to have Cody Jinks join us in studio. We discuss Cody’s 3rd full studio album “Adobe Sessions” before taking a listen to a few of the tunes on the record- including the new single ‘Loud and Heavy’. We dive into Cody’s background and the artists that were influential in shaping the way he writes and sings his songs. (Cody in the Lone Star Outdoors Show studio)

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    We then change gears and discuss Cody’s other passion- bass fishing. When he comes off the first thing he does to clear his head is head up to Lake Ray Roberts with his bass rig. He talks about his earliest memories of fishing with his dad and how he has continued that tradition with his kids. Cody gives us a couple of his favorite baits and also talks about his personal best largemouth.

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    We round out the show by taking a hard look at the feeder industry and how deer feeders have shaped the way so many whitetail hunters actually harvest deer. All Season’s Feeders is an iconic Texas company that was founded back in 1987 when the feeder boom really began. Would there even be a deer blind industry if it wasn’t for feeders? Zach Gates joins us to talk about the history of the industry, from where it came from to where it is now. Often overlooked is the fact that feeders are perhaps the best management tool that a hunter has at their disposal.

    We also discuss the All Seasons Feeders line up of BBQ Pits and Smokers. Don’t forget that our August 2015 Photo of the Month winner receives the 24 x 20 BBQ Grill as the grand prize! Be sure to get your submission in before it’s too late.

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