• JB & The Moonshine Band in Studio, Spring Coyote Hunting W/ FoxPro’s Al Morris and An Old Timer’s Innovative Bass Bait Design

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    We start things off by talking big bass when 82 year old Missouri farmer and avid bass angler Howard Dickey drops in. As a young man in the early 1960’s Howard was bitten by the bass bug and he studied the habits/behavior of big bass who were already on their beds. His observations led him to come up with this original design that has been catching aggressive lunkers ever since. Howard talks about the bait and what it is supposed to resemble in nature which is the key element in causing a big bass to hit it. (Great article in Field and Stream Magazine as well)

     photo Howard Dickey Bass_zpslq8citwa.jpg

    Next, the biggest thing to come out of East Texas in some time stops by the studio- JB & The Moonshine Band will be here! We’ll take a listen to a couple brand new tunes off their upcoming record (June 30th release date). We usually don’t get the entire band on so this is a real treat. All four members: JB, Chris, Gabe and Hayden join us and they are all passionate bass fisherman. We find out who has caught the biggest bass and who the best angler is. Plus, we take a live listen to “Where’s Woody Guthrie” & “Shotgun, Rifle and A .45” – a brand new tune that I know you guys and gals will feel is spot on! Oh, and the fellas also talk about the always fun and necessary cormorant depredation permit that one can acquire from TPWD. Tune in to find out if the guys put a hurtin’ on those nasty fish eating water turkeys…

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    We round things out by talking spring coyote hunting with one of the very best! Al Morris from the FoxPro team and the hit show “FoxPro Furtakers” on Outdoor Channel knows how to pile up these wily predators. He’s a decorated caller and accomplished hunter and knows the life cycle and what makes a coyote tick better than just about anyone. Lots of guys put their predator call up once spring arrives, but Al will tell us why that is a huge mistake! Spring can make for some great hunting, you just have to change your approach a bit. We find out what vocalizations he uses, how long he runs the call for each stand, plus how often he will call specific property…and a whole lot more!

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  • Brandon Rhyder on Bow Hunting and New Music, Gary Roberson on Rio Grande Turkey Hunting and Misconceptions Concerning Largemouth Bass

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    Why is everyone so quick to judge an angler who decides to keep a few bass, or maybe like in the picture below- a cooler full of bass? Sure, I don’t keep largemouths I catch on public water, but that practice goes out the window if I’m on a smaller, private water body. There is alot of ignorance and misconception about regulations and bag limits concerning private water so TPWD Denton County Game Warden Daron Blackerby joins the show to set the record straight on what you can and can’t do on private vs public water.

    Plus, in the same vein as trying to grow and harvest big deer, folks need to understand that culling some of the smaller bass out of a specific pond or small lake is a healthy practice and the remaining fish benefit immensely. So, next time we see someone posing with what looks like 25 largemouths over their limit- lets not be so quick to judge.

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    Next, one of the mainstays on the Texas music scene drops by the studio. East Texas native Brandon Rhyder has been writing and singing some of the most soulful music Texas has seen over the past dozen or so years. So, we talk some music and take a listen to a few songs while mixing in some hunting and fishing discussion. Brandon is an avid bowhunter and hasn’t even picked up the trusty 30-30 in years. Get ready for a brand spankin’ new tune about hunting and being raised in a family where guns were a part of everyday life. I know it will speak to you just as it does me.

     photo Brandon Rhyder_zpsugs5roxc.jpg

    We round out the show when our longtime friend, renown predator hunter, TV show host and outdoor writer Gary Roberson drops in to talk turkeys. His recent article in TTHA Magazine ‘T for Texas, T for Turkeys’ offers some great insight on running and gunning mature Rios. How do you close the camp on that responsive tom? How do fences affect the way you should set up? What about decoys? All that and much more with an outdoorsman who punched his first Texas turkey tag back in the early 1960s.

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  • Record Breaking Ram Down, Spring Turkey ‘Fearless Forecast’, Black Drum & Redfish Bite On Fire and Patterning Your Turkey Gun

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    Spring turkey is finally here and with the South Zone opening up this weekend I figured we better check in with the man who oversees our longbeards. So, our old friend and Texas Parks and Wildlife Turkey Program Leader Jason Hardin drops in to give us his 2015 Spring Turkey Season ‘Fearless Forecast’. What can hunters expect to see in each region, from North & South Zone Rios to the 28 country Eastern Turkey season in the Eastern part of the state? Jason gives us his thoughts based on last spring’s nesting conditions. We also take a regional look at tom to jake ratios and much more!

     photo Turkey_zpsrxvjy6vz.jpg

    Then, on the heels of last week’s discussion regarding Texas’ Desert Big Horn Sheep- we are joined by Round Rock, Texas Mayor Alan McGraw. Earlier this month Alan became the first hunter to harvest a Desert Big Horn sheep on Texas public land with a bow. We get the firsthand details of the historic hunt from the polished bow hunter. (Alan has taken 15 of the 28 North American big game species with his bow).

    How physically demanding was the hunt? What was it like having Texas Parks and Wildlife officials as guides? How far was the shot and what about the recovery? Alan tells all, plus we look back at some previous hunts from his quest to take all 28 North American big game species with a stick and string. (Alan’s ram- a new state record – 172 7/8 inches)

     photo AlanMcGraw_zpszhkhlcmd.jpg

    Next we are joined by our longtime Field and Stream Shotgun Editor Phil Bourjaily. We break down the importance of patterning your turkey gun and knowing how well your chosen shell will perform at different distances. Today’s turkey loads are capable of letting you really reach out there and touch a tom, but at what point does it become an unethical shot? We dissect how to find out what your maximum effective killing range is. Phil also talks about the importance of being able to shoot consistently from different positions. Because nobody knows what might happen in those crazy turkey woods!

     photo TurkeyPattern2_zps62uvsbud.jpg

    We wrap this week’s broadcast up by heading down to the Texas coast with our good friend Captain Len Girard. The redfish, flounder, sheepshead and black drum are feeding voraciously on everything in site, and as long as you can find the fish you should be able to bring home a cooler full of fillets. So, Captain Len takes the hard part out of the equation and tells us where to find them and what to catch ’em on. We Also hit on the under appreciated black drum fishery. A close relative to the redfish, why is this fish seemingly forgotten by so many anglers? It certainly isn’t because of taste- black drum is some of the finest table fare one can find. Captain Len gives us his thoughts. (One of Captain Len’s recent clients with a giant Black Drum caught on light tackle)

     photo DrumDum_zpsjli0s6vo.jpg