• Traveling With Your Firearm, Shark Fishermen Take Me Under Their Wing and USFWS Again Overstepping Their Boundaries

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    Have you ever traveled on an airline with your hunting rifle or bow? Domestically or Internationally? There are some things you need to know on both fronts. Our friend Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms is well versed on each and we are thrilled to have him join the show this weekend as lots of folks are gearing up for bucket list hunts this fall. Tune to find out how to navigate through the red tape thrown at hunters by TSA and international travel with your weapon.

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    We also are joined by Third Coast Sharking founder and disabled veteran Michael Williams. We discuss his passion for catching, tagging, taking DNA samples and releasing big sharks. Over 50% of the Third Coast team is made up of disabled combat veterans. Randomly, I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with a few of them on Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi last weekend. Michael with a giant PINS tiger shark that was tagged and released.

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    Then we check in with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter and we discuss the rampant anti hunting and overreaching nature of the USFWS. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service appears to have forgotten who pays their salaries and what their actual purpose of existence is.

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  • Last Minute Whitetail Tips for the Procrastinator, Dove Season Fearless Forecast and Duck Hunting Innovation from Quack Rack

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    With archery season merely a month out, we talk last minute tips leading up to deer season with TV Show host and renown whitetaiil author Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail. Are food plots still going in the ground? Are camera’s out in full force? What about hanging tree stands and clearing shooting lanes? Bill gives us his take on when we should be taking care of some last minute details. (Bill with a 200 inch Iowa bruiser)

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    Then we are joined by Quack Rack’s Chase Perryman. The worst part about being a serious duck hunter is lugging around all the gear that is required to consistently kill ducks. Chase tells us about the innovative new Quack Rack system that is designed to make duck hunting more user friendly. We also take a look at the upcoming duck season with the former guide and professional retriever trainer.

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    Dove season opens up for many of us this week! So we are joined by Texas Parks and Wildlife dove program leader Shaun Oldenburger. We get his fearless forecast for the upcoming season. How many dove do Texas hunters harvest annually? Has whitewing expansion North finally slowed? How did the spring hail storms and flooding affect nesting success across the state? We get the answers from our old friend.

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  • Combat Dove Hunting, Summer Papermouths, Judging Trophy Mule Deer and Shotgunning With Mossberg’s Linda Powell

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    We start off by going deep for summer crappie with longtime friend of the show Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. Of course, if Charles is on with us then we’ll have to mix in some largemouth discussion as well. He tells us where he’s finding both species and what he’s catching them on as water temps are well into the upper 80’s across much of the southern U.S.

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    With Dove Season only 2 weeks out we are thrilled to have Field and Stream Magazine Shotgun Editor Phil Bourjaily back on the program. Phil talks about the learning curve with shooting an over/under shotgun vs a semi auto. He also discusses some tips from his upcoming Field and Stream feature “Combat Dove Hunting”. How does Phil survive opening day of dove season when hunters are packed into fields like shotgun wielding sardines?

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    Outdoor writer Leo Harris of the North American Hunting Competition stops in next. We break down his recent article “Field Judging Trophy Mule Deer” which was featured on the OnXMaps website. A veteran of 15 years of chasing back country mule deer, Leo gives us some pointers on how to tell if a buck is a trophy, a decent shooter or just an average deer. Many of us are planning our mule deer hunts for this fall, knowing what we are looking at through the spotting scope vs the naked eye could mean the difference in a true trophy or some major ground shrinkage!

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    We wrap things up by talking land aquisition with Lone Star Ag Credit’s Jason Petit. Let’s face it, land is the one thing they aren’t making more of, yet we all want it. So how can the average outdoorsman or woman afford to get their piece of the pie? It might not be as far fetched as you think.

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