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Our Latest Adventure

Did some North Texas coyote hunting with our good friend Dan King. Ended up calling in 3 yotes in 5 stands. Including this furred up female.


Major League Baseball Slugger Chris Davis, Texas State Record Bass, Army Bass Anglers and Lone Star Bowhunter’s Association

Episode 215

What an awesome show this week! We start things off by visiting with Austin, Texas angler Bryan Townsend. On February 1st, Bryan was fly fishing a stretch of the Colorado River with All Season’s Guide service when he hooked into a giant Guadalupe Bass. This unique species is only found in central Texas waters and is the official state fish of Texas. When the fish was landed, guide Shea Mclanahan took one look at the fish and knew it was a potential state record. After a day long ordeal, the fish was finally weighed on a certified scale and weighed 3.71 lbs- besting the previous state 30 year old state record Guadalupe Bass of 3.69 lbs set in 1983! Bryan shares his remarkable fish tale about catching the new state record Guadalupe Bass!

 photo BryanTownsendGuadelupeBass_zpse376f8c8.jpg

Next we are joined by our good friend and Army Bass Anglers Founder United States Army Lt. Colonel Cody Roberson. Army Bass Anglers has partnered up with a couple great non-profits in 2014 as part of the “Support” piece of their three fold mission statement. Including the Kim Munley Foundation which was founded by Sergeant Kim Munley, who was shot 3 times while responding to the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting that claimed the lives of 13 people while 30 others injured. The foundation benefits the families of those soldiers who were gunned down that fateful day. Then we recap the 2014 Bass Master Classic as Army Bass Anglers once again had the honor of being the ceremonial first boat out of the launch each morning. Lt Colonel Roberson also talks about the Army Bass Anglers hit show Force on Force which airs on the World Fishing Network. Hooah!

 photo CodyROberson_zps183294f9.jpg

Then with spring turkey and spring training finally her, former Texas Ranger and Longview, Texas native Chris Davis steps up to the plate. An avid outdoorsman, Chris talks about growing up in East Texas and eventually getting drafted by the team he rooted for as kid. Sadly things didn’t go as planned during hi time with the Rangers and he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles in 2011. Two years later, Chris is coming off a season in which he lead the Major Leagues in home runs with 53 and RBI with 138. Chris talks about trying to replicate those numbers in 2014 as well as what pitcher in the AL he least likes to face. Of course we wouldn’t have this good ‘ol East Texas boy on the show without talking some hunting and a little bass fishing. Chris with a nice Runnels County feral hog he smoked with the AR he built for himself:

 photo ChrisDavis_zpsfafe7d78.jpg

We wrap up the broadcast by checking in with Lone Star Bowhunter’s Association President Dena Kana. If you aren’t familiar with the organization, the LSBA is celebrating 40 years of promoting bowhunting and advocating for bowhunter’s rights in the state of Texas. Dena talks about the LSBA’s mission statement, plus some exciting events the LSBA is putting on in 2014. We also cover the controversial alligator gar issue that we discussed in recent weeks. If you like to bowhunt in Texas and aren’t a member of the LSBA, I encourage you to join. Membership is only $25 per year and the LSBA is the only organization looking out for the Texas bowhunter. A passionate bowhunter herself, Dena took this alligator with traditional archery equipment.

 photo DenaKana_zps673c54ab.jpg

Spectra Shot Product Review

To say there are many flash in the pan gimmicks in the outdoor community is a gross understatement. So when I heard about the multi colored shot shell company known as Spectra Shot, I was a little skeptical. But having shot 4 cases of Spectra Shot #2 loads during the 2013-2014 Texas Waterfowl Season, all I can say is that Spectra Shot is the real deal. Incredibly dense loads with the knock down power serious waterfowlers demand. While every duck hunter would prefer to shoot ducks over their decoys at 15 yards, we know that often times that is far from reality. By the end of the season my hunting parties were routinely killing ducks an average distance of five to ten yards farther than we normally would even attempt to kill birds.

Spectra Shot cycled flawlessly in both semi auto and pump shotguns. In 1,000 rounds fired, we never had a single misfire. The round holds a tight pattern relative to other loads on the market and we have tried them all. The other thing that stood out was the decreased number of cripples we saw in the 2013-2014 season. I’m not sure who was more impressed with Spectra Shot- me or my lab Belle. If a duck was hit, it went down fast and hard. It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to test a product in the field and be able to give a good and honest review. I believe 100% in Spectra Shot and look forward to shooting their shot shells exclusively in coming seasons.

Cable Smith- Host of Cabela’s Lone Star Outdoors Show

 photo SpectraLogo_zps843f4942.jpg

Spring Turkey Forecast, BassMaster Classic Champ Randy Howell, Trout/Flounder Regulation Changes & Hog Doggin’ With Two Rivers Hunting Adventures

Episode 214

Spotted Sea Trout (aka ‘Specks’) are a favorite quarry for over a million Texas anglers each year. Sop it’s no secret that when regulation changes regarding this species are brought up, well folks get kind of worked up. This week we start off the show by discussing proposed changes with our Texas Parks And Wildlife Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Reichers. If the current proposal is passed, many anglers would see a drop in the daily bag limit of trout from 10 to 5 fish along the Matagorda Bay coastline. Robin talks about the reason for the changes as well as a couple changes for flounder and we also hit on the potential reopening of Cedar Bayou. 10 fish trout stringers could become a thing of the past for many Texas anglers:

 photo TroutLimit_zps9a10fd1b.jpg

Then we are joined by the current king of professional bass fishing when 2014 Bass Master Classic Champion Randy Howell joins the show. Randy completed the biggest two day comeback in Classic history to secure his place among the all time greats of the sport. He talks about his day three sack that weighed 29 lbs and 2 ounces- the heaviest 5 fish sack he has ever weighed in during a 21 year career as a pro! His epic day 3 of the Classic on Lake Guntersville, Alabama saw Randy culling 4 lb bass out of his live well before 9 AM! Randy talks about that epic 3rd and final day of the 2014 Classic, how he figured out the bite and the Livingston Lures bait that helped him etch his name in annals of Pro Bass Fishing.

 photo RandyHowellClassic_zpsa3d9ec9c.jpg

With Spring Turkey season right around the corner, it’s time to check in with our longtime friend of the show and our Texas Parks and Wildlife Turkey Program Leader Jason Hardin. The south zone opens up next weekend! Jason gives us his 2014 Fearless Forecast on what Texas turkey hunters can expect this year. Should we expect to see an abnormally high number of jakes like we did during the 2011 season or were nesting conditions good enough the past couple of years to expect a good number of mature toms on the Texas landscape? We get Jason’s regional “hot spots” from around the state as well as dive into the recently completed Eastern Turkey super stocking effort that took place in specific locations in East Texas.

 photo TurkeyNew_zps0b546bb1.jpg

We then wrap up this week’s broadcast by heading north across the Red River and into Oklahoma to recap our recent hunt with Two Rivers Hunting Adventures. Chris Wilson and Cassidy Balentine started running hog dogs out of necessity as feral hogs routinely devastate not only their own crops but their neighbor’s as well. We had the chance of joining them on a hunt last week. Their team of bay dogs and well trained catch dogs didn’t disappoint and we got on the trail of a huge boar. I was able to dispatch this hog with Chris’ Bowie Knife and at 250 lbs, it’s the biggest hog I’ve ever taken by any means. We talk anything and everything having to do with hog dogging. These guys know their sport and routinely put their clients on huge hogs. Chris, Cassidy and myself with the giant boar we harvested on our hunt:

 photo CableChrisCassidyHog_zps238d6f2f.jpg

Lone Star Outdoors Show Sticks Giant Oklahoma Boar w/ Two Rivers Hunting Adventures

Here is the video from our recent hunt with Two Rivers Hunting Adventures. Not for the faint of heart but a hunt like no other out there.

Whitetail Management w/ Jason Shipman, The Other Side of the Alligator Gar Debate & Hunter Harassment in A Social Media Driven World

Episode 213

When one thinks of whitetail management in Texas, a couple names come to mind. One of whom is renown whitetail biologist Jason Shipman. I had the pleasure of joining Jason on a whitetail hunt a few weekends ago at the Hogan Whitetail Retreat in Caldwell County. It was a great experience being able to pick the brain of someone who is at the top of his field for an entire weekend. One thing that really stood out in our conversations, however, is the practice of Triple T (trap, transport, transplant). This can be done with free ranging low fence whitetails as well as animals behind a high fence. Jason joins the show today to talk about the Triple T process in detail as it’s a valuable tool that many ranch owners might want to take advantage of to increase the overall potential of their whitetail herd. Triple T’d does being transported from one ranch to another:

 photo TripleT_zps4c0cd836.jpg

Next we check in with a lifelong conservationist and hunter activist John Jackson. The former president of Safari Club International and founder of the Conservation Force, John stops by to discuss the new age of hunter harassment where anti hunters can essentially issue death threats will hiding behind a computer keyboard or smart phone. The internet has made it very easy for the the anti’s to spew their hate and venom- but make no mistake, a death threat, even issued on the internet is still a felony. All of this came to a real boiling point with our mutual friend Cory Knowlton (who bought the much publicized black rhino hunt at the Dallas Safari Club auction in January) had to get the FBI involved just to make sure he and his family were safe in their own home.

John and the Conservation Force are currently putting together a publication that will outline our rights as hunters and offer us recourse on how to deal with these type of sadistic threats in the future. Sadly, had the anti hunters not sent hate emails and protested the rhino auction, it more than likely would have sold for closer to one million dollars instead of $350,000. This means that the Namibia government will likely have to sell another rhino hunt this year to offset these lost funds which they use to pay for their anti poaching security. The irony and ignorance is so profound that it’s mind boggling. Had the anti’s left well enough alone only one rhino would have been sold. Now, they will have the blood of at least one and maybe two more animals on their hands.

 photo BlackRhino_zps9e5aeb51.jpg

Last week we checked in with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries Chief of Management and Research Dave Terre regarding the proposed regulation changes that would affect Texas’ unique alligator gar fishery. The proposed changes would make it illegal for bow fisherman to harvest alligator gar during ideal spawning conditions. The proposal has been met with much opposition from bow fisherman and the Texas Bowfishing Association- the worlds oldest bowfishing organization.

 photo TexasBowfishingAssociation_zpsae8541cd.png

This week we get their side of the story and why the feel TPWD is essentially knee jerking on this issue. TBA members and bowfishing guides Tony Reeves and Mark Malfa each drop in. We discuss the number of bowfisherman on the water, TPWD’s estimated alligator gar population verses what percentage of the population can be harvested annually in order to keep the fishery stable. Tony and Mark provide a different view, one that stems from time spent on the water and what they see personally and what they hear from other members of the bowfishing community. One of Captain Mark Malfa’s recent clients with a giant trophy alligator gar:

 photo MalfaGar_zps429cfcfb.jpg

Texas Bowhunter Smokes Mountain Lion, TPWD on Alligator Gar Fishery & Texas Hunt For the Cure

Episode 212

We start things off when Texas bowhunter E.J. Nacey drops in to talk about the bow hunt of a lifetime. He was deer hunting on his Sutton County lease this past November when the opportunity of a lifetime walked underneath his tree. A big ‘ol Texas mountain lion came to check E.J.’s feeder for deer. That was his undoing too because E.J. sent a broadhead right thru the big tom’s pump station. We are thrilled to have E.J. relive all the details of this amazing hunt with us on this week’s show. The proud hunter with the trophy of a lifetime, the tom weighed exactly 100 lbs:

 photo EJNacey_zps17778d44.jpg

Then we have a special in studio guest when Texas Hunt for the Cure founder Stacy Stanberry stops by. Texas Hunt for The Cure is a non profit organization whose sole purpose is take kids with terminal or life threatening illnesses on their dream hunt. Sometimes the kids rebound from their situation and the harsh reality is sometimes they don’t. But through the efforts of Texas Hunt for the Cure at least they and their parents can make some special memories in the great outdoors. Stacy works closely with the oncology department at Children’s Hospital of Dallas. One of their recent kiddos with a beautiful Texas Dall Ram he harvested on his dream hunt. (Texas Hunt For The Cure Website)

 photo TexasHuntForTheCure_zpsefc19f8c.jpg

We then wrap up this week’s broadcast by covering the always controversial topic of Texas’ alligator gar fishery. Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries Chief of Management and Research Dave Terre joins us to talk about some proposed regulation changes that would limit alligator gar harvest opportunity when the fish are spawning. Many other states have seen their alligator gar fisheries wiped out completely for one reason or another and Texas (and parts of Louisiana) are the last remaining legitimate trophy fisheries for the prehistoric giants. Dave talks about being pro active in protecting this valuable fishery and how TPWD plans to do this going forward. We also discuss some other proposed regulation changes for trout anglers who enjoy fishing the Guadalupe River below the Canyon Lake Dam. Dave understands that the alligator gar proposed changes might not be popular with many anglers and he would like feedback both good and bad. So contact your regional biologist and attend the public hearing meetings to voice your opinion. The schedule for those hearings can be found on TPWD’s website: (Public Hearing Meeting Schedule)

 photo scalesTails_zps64c70a07.jpg

Pope & Young Club Takes a Stand, Honky Tonker Curtis Grimes and Jigging and Popping w/ a Basketball Icon

Episode 211

We start things off by tackling an important issue with The Pope & Young Club. Hunters are always trying to push the envelope, always looking for that edge in the field but sometimes technology can shift the odds in our favor too much and we are thrilled to have P&Y Club Marketing and Communications Manager Rick Mowery join the broadcast to discuss the club’s recent statement regarding the use of Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems) to aid in big game hunting efforts. As hunters we need to have a level of ethics and using drones to help one bag big game crosses the line in the club’s opinion. I agree with them and hope more states follow Colorado’s lead and make it an illegal practice all together. Drones are relatively inexpensive and readily available to the public so we certainly appreciate the proactive approach taken by the Pope and Young Club.

 photo DRone2_zps6e7a0d9a.jpg

Next we check in with a good ‘ol east Texas outdoorsman who moonlights as a real up and comer on the country music scene. Curtis Grimes made waves appearing on season one of NBC’s hit show The Voice. But it’s been a solid work ethic and talent that has taken him to the next level. We talk about his brand new record “Our Side of the Fence” (which just hit ITunes this past week) and we take a listen to a couple of the record’s singles when Curtis drops by the studio. A passionate deer hunter and catfish jug liner, Curtis is no stranger to deer camps and full coolers of Lone Star Beer! Curtis in the studio with us:

 photo CurtisGrimesSmall_zps72ba09b6.jpg

Be sure to check out the latest record! You can definitely hear the influences of classic country artists like Alan Jackson and George Strait come through in much of his music. Good stuff from a good ol boy!

 photo CurtisOUr_zpsa12c120a.jpg

We then round out the show by talking some fishing with a very unlikely source. He’s a former Indian Hoosier and first round NBA draft pick who spent 11 seasons lacing ‘em up on the hardwood before trading in those high tops for sunshine and saltwater. Jared Jeffries, drops by to talk about his love for fishing and his new show ‘Modern Fishing With Jared Jeffries’ which airs Sunday’s at 2:30 PM Central on Outdoor Channel. A big fan of jigging and popping, Jared talks about his roots as a bass fisherman back home in Indiana to his current love of saltwater fishing and how he still uses those same techniques he perfected as kid on much larger and exotic fish today. Jared also discusses his role as an African American outdoor personality within the fishing community. He hopes he can inspire plenty of other youngsters who might not have been exposed to fishing to get out there and wet a line.

 photo JaredBig3_zps5b752f8f.jpg

Bowhunting Icon Tom Miranda, Farm Bill Discussion W/ Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall, Becoming a Better Bass Angler & Trout Bite Heating Up On Texas Coast

Episode 210

Well what you can say about the guy other than he is a bowhunting legend! We are thrilled to have the great Tom Miranda stop by to kick this weekend’s show off. We talk about Tom’s elite status as one of only a handful of bowhunters to complete the North American Super Slam using only archery equipment. We discuss which of the 29 big game species that comprise the Super Slam was the absolute toughest to hunt.

A lifelong trapper we also find out how Tom’s early days as a government trapper helped him become the hunter he is today. Currently Tom has two bowhunting shows airing on Outdoor Channel. Territories Wild and Adventure Bowhunter. We discuss some of the hunts showcased on these shows as well as Tom’s dedication to the production aspect of producing a quality hunting show. Tom with his desert big horn sheep- the icing on the cake of his North American Super Slam!

 photo TomMirandaSheep_zps3c03e53a.jpg

Next we talk largemouths with renown Texas outdoor writer Matt Williams. His recent article “How to Become A Better Bass Angler” was featured in the January issue of Texas Outdoor Journal. Matt shares some tips and knowledge that he has amassed in 40 years of bass fishing. Some of the things he mentions are things I think many anglers often overlook. Matt with a nice bucketmouth:

 photo MattWilliamsBass_zpse0e4deb2.jpg

There has been much controversy surrounding the new 2014 Farm Bill. An ten year projection has over 56 billion dollars earmarked for conservation, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to monies allotted for Food Stamps and nutrition. Ducks Unlimited was on the front lines fighting for this bill and so we are thrilled to have DU CEO Dale Hall join us to discuss the bill’s positive impact on conservation verses what it means for taxpayers and it’s socioeconomic impact. Either way, I figure it’s best to have the conservation funds as a part of the bill as opposed to not having them at all. The 2014 Farm Bill breakdown:

 photo FarmBill_zpsffed6b08.jpg

We round out the show when our longtime friend Captain Len Girard joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our coastal fishing report. The trout bite is absolutely on fire with 30 plus inch fish being pulled out of Baffin Bay on a regular basis. Captain Len also discusses the redfish and improving flounder bite before we take a guide’s look into the proposed regulation changes from Texas Parks & Wildlife. Is a statewide 5 fish trout limit a done deal? Is this even necessary? Captain Len is on the water everyday and so if anyone has an idea of the overall health of our trout fishery it would be him. Interesting stuff for sure and we will follow up very soon with TPWD Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Reichers as soon as the official word comes down on these proposed changes.

 photo SeaTroutNew_zpsddd9c20d.jpg

Ted Nugent Makes His Return, Trapping & Patterning Hogs & A Fish Tale for The Ages!

Episode 209

Our old friend Don Gresham of Goin’ Fencing drops by to talk feral hogs with. Born and raised in Montague County, Texas- Don has hunted and trapped feral hogs his entire life. He knows their behavioral tendencies and can tell you to a day when they will be the most active each month. Don breaks it down for us from moon phases to what months of the year hogs are most likely to come to a feeder on a regular basis. Don’s custom traps can be found on ranches up and down the Gulf of Mexico and up the Eastern Shore. With the price of wild free ranging pork ranging between .20-50 cents per lb, a trap can pay for itself in less than year. Below- Don’s trap with a near record 44 hogs captured in one night:

 photo 44Hogs-Copy_zps5e4922c2.jpg

Then, a longtime supporter of our show makes his return. The man needs no introduction. A rock n roll legend and one of the outdoor industries biggest proponents, we are thrilled to welcome Ted Nugent back to the broadcast. I have a few questions lined up for Ted concerning Antler Restrictions, the new age hippy hunter and a major victory for the hunting community. However, ya never know where a visit with Ted will end up. So all I can tell ya is to hold on tight because we’ll likely be all over the map – but I guarantee there won’t be a dull moment with the Motor City Madman!

 photo TedNugentNew_zpsa2054ea7.jpg

Then we round out the show by checking in with 22 year US Army Veteran- Master Sergeant John Riley. This 44 lb striped bass he caught on Lake Austin would have been a lake record, but John and his buddy chose not to kill the fish and take it in to weigh it on a certified scale. Admirable, but it still stings! The most amazing thing about this fish tale, however, is the fact that John was bass fishing in 15 feet of water when he hooked the behemoth! Thanks for the service and for sharing your incredible fishing experience with us John!

 photo JohnRiley_zps22a9d27d.jpg

2014 Predator Hunting Special, Huge Victory for Hunting Community & Winter Bassin’ With A Legend

Episode 208

Great show lined up for this week! Off the top we have some exciting news to discuss with Exotic Wildlife Association Executive Director Charly Seale. The Exotic Wildlife Association is based out of Texas and is the country’s oldest private property rights organization. Needless to say, they’ve been at the forefront of the long battle we’ve been fighting against the anti-hunters concerning the plight of the scimitar horned oryx, the dama gazelle and the addax. All critically endangered species in their native Africa but thriving on exotic ranches throughout Texas.

Well, this past week President Obama signed a bill that delists these animals in the United States. Charly discusses what this huge victory means for land owners, ranches, hunters and most importantly the impact it will have on the number of these animals inhabiting Texas ranches. This has been a 4 year struggle but today we celebrate a great victory for the hunting community. (A herd of Scimitar Horned Oryx on a Texas ranch).

 photo Oryx2_zps999c9cc0.jpg

Next we get into some winter bass fishing with BASS and FLW icon Ron Shuffield. A 7 time tournament winner on the BASS Tour, Ron has earned over 1.3 million dollars in tournament payouts in his 27 year career. Today we discuss one of his favorite techniques geared at landing huge winter largemouths. His recent article in FLW’s Bass Fishing Magazine “Swim Jigging Winter Grasslines” offers some great insight on Ron’s favorite way to put big winter bass in the livewell.

 photo RonShuffield_zpseac7b9dd.jpg

Then, with deer and duck season pretty much behind us we have a special 2 Part Predator Hunting Special. In Part One of this feature we check in with predator hunting icon Gary Roberson. Gary is the host of Carnivore TV on Pursuit Channel, he is also the owner of Burnham Brothers Game Calls and has written thousands of articles on calling coyotes and bobcats. Gary primarily hunts the daylight hours and so we discuss everything from his set up, to how long he runs his call and how long he will stay on a particular stand. He also talks about his favorite time of the year to call coyotes and what distress sounds are his bread and butter.

 photo GaryRobersonhunting_zpsf2b06b5b.jpg

In Part 2 of our 2014 Predator Hunting Special we check in with Chris Robinson. Chris head’s up the Carnivore TV Night Crew. They specialize in filming and calling predators under the cover of darkness. The difference between calling during the day vs calling at night is…well it’s night and day! Chris breaks it down for us. From what kind of spotlight he prefers (HID vs Halogen) to how long he will run the call on a nighttime stand. He also has a very important tip to share regarding how to run the spotlight. A native of the North Texas area, Chris also hits on the importance of not overlooking very small tracts of land. The Carnivore Night Crew routinely kills coyotes on tracts of land smaller than 10 acres.

 photo CarnivoreNight_zps3d61c55a.png