• Our Public Lands in The Crosshairs, Topwater Froggin’ W/ Ish Monroe, A Pay It Forward Fishing Tale for the Ages and All Things Optics with Vortex

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    Jasper, TX native Fred McMahon drops in to recap his recent experience during the Big Bass Splash on Lake Sam Rayburn. Fred happened to be one of 5 random finalists for the tournament’s random drawing for a 2015 Triton Boat. Albert Jenkins of Port Neches was also one of the finalists for the boat giveaway and he fished the entire 3 day tournament from the bank. After winning the brand new bass boat, Fred turned to Albert and in a stunning act of kindness- gave Albert the boat he’d just won! Say what? Fred gave away the brand new bass boat he’d just won! We hear this incredible tale of humanity first hand when Fred drops in. He talks about why he did and what moved him to do so. Of course we also talk some big bass as well! (Albert reacting to Fred’s gift)

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    Next up we tackle some disturbing news coming from the U.S. Senate. After a 51-49 vote, our elected officials voted in favor of transferring some 640 million acres of federal public lands —including our national forests and Bureau of Land Management lands— to state control. Why does this matter? Well, states have a very poor track record of keeping these kinds of lands public. Meaning, when times are tough- they often sell them to the highest bidder.

    Outdoor News President and Editor Rob Dresline drops by to break it all down for us and help explain what is at stake and what we need to do about it. Since late last year, efforts to wrest public lands from the federal government and put them under state ownership have been matched by the unanimous outcry of sportsmen across the country. Over 72% of western hunters depend on public lands for access and it’s paramount that we as sportsmen and women don’t stand idly by and watch as our federal lands are sold away to the private sector. (I hunt/fish/backpack New Mexico every fall and a part of me would die if these National Forests were sold off at some point. I’m sure many of you have the same sentiment about various tracts of our public lands)

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    We then are joined by our old friend and Professional Bass Angler Ish Monroe. We talk Major League Fishing, as well as Ish competing on the Elite Series and FLW Tour- one of the few who still does both trails. Considered one of the best frog fisherman on the planet, Ish breaks down his ideal setup for frog fishing – from rod/reel to line choice and poundage. Also, why does Ish feel he can compete by targeting shallow bass 12 months a year while other anglers move out into deeper water? We get it all and we even give away an autographed and tournament worn Ish Monroe Major League Fishing Jersey during our visit!

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    We round out the show by talking all things optics with Vortex Optics Director of Marketing- Mark Boardman. What’s new with Vortex in 2015? What about choosing the right scope for you? What is the difference in MOA vs MIL formatted scopes? We get into all that plus talk some bear and elk hunting- two of Mark’s favorite pastimes.

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  • Coastal Fishing Report, William Clark Green Live in Studio and Land Acquisition With Lone Star Ag Credit

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    The always affable Captain Len Girard gets things going for us this week when he joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre. We find out what the trout and redfish are biting and where they are stacking up. Captain Len also updates us on the flounder and black drum bite as well. Where are they staging and what does he look for when trying to locate them? Never a dull moment with a good friend and great story teller Captain Len!

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    Then a real treat when lifelong hunter William Clark Green makes his return to the studio. A Texas good ‘ol boy at heart, William Clark Green has been tearing up the Texas music scene with the debut of this 4th studio album “Ringling Road”. The first single “Sympathy” went #1 on the chart and we take a listen to the current single as well as a couple other tunes off the record.

    Of course, we also talk about growing up in the country and what hunting and fishing has meant to William throughout his life. These days he enjoys duck hunting, dropping feral hogs and off shore fishing trips. So get ready for a heavy dose of outdoor talk including a tale of a coyote getting smoked on a dead sprint with a .45 pistol!

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    We wrap things up by talking land acquisition with Lone Star Ag Credit’s Credit Analysis Manager Brad Fjestad. Lets face it, land is the one thing they aren’t making more of. Whether for recreation, hunting, fishing or ranching- having your own patch of land to call your own is every sportsman’s or woman’s dream- I know it’s mine. Anyway, Lone Star Ag Credit has been making that dream a reality for folks since 1917! We get into all that plus hear about Brad’s recent South Texas bowhunt for javelina.

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  • James McMurty, ‘Gunny Time’ W/ R. Lee Ermey, Wetland Loss Along The Gulf Coast w/ Ducks Unlimited & STI Firearms’ Jens Krough

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    We get things going this weekend when longtime singer/songwriter and avid outdoorsman James McMurty drops in! One of my longtime favorites on the Texas scene- James has been making some of the Lone Star State’s best music for over 3 decades now. His new record ‘Complicated Game’ is no exception as many critics believe it’s his finest work to date. We discuss the new record and take a listen to the first track ‘Copper Canteen’ which references deer hunting and walleye fishing.

    We also hear a little bit about James’ background growing up bird hunting and squirrel hunting and eventually transitioning into deer hunting as a young man. What is his favorite deer rifle? What about fishing back home in the Texas Hill Country? We get to the bottom of what makes this musician and outdoorsman tick.

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    Ducks Unlimited’s Southern Region Director of Operations Dr. Tom Moorman stops by next to discuss the alarming trend of coastal wetland loss in the Gulf Coast region. Texas and Louisiana are losing valuable wetlands at an ever increasing rate. Where are the wetlands going and why? What is DU doing to stem the tide? How can we help as duck hunters and conservationists? Most folks probably understand that coastal wetland loss is bad from an ecological standpoint, but the economic impact can be just as devastating. Habitat loss is a major factor in the decline of the mottled duck (pictured below) in the Gulf Coast Region.

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    Next we check in with longtime actor, tv show host and retired US Marine Corps Drill Instructor – Gunnery SGT R. Lee Ermey. ‘Gunny’ as he likes to be called, talks about his new show on Outdoor Channel “Gunny Time W/ R. Lee Ermey”. We talk some high powered weaponry with the man who these days gets to go around blowing stuff up and playing with some pretty large caliber guns. Including, his new favorite- the Dillon Minigun.

    Gunny also talks about his passion for big game hunting and his plans to travel to Siberia this coming fall to hunt the world’s largest moose and brown bear species. Not bad for a 71 year old! So get ready for an action filled segment with the Golden Globe nominated actor (Full Metal Jacket). Be sure to set your DVR for “Gunny Time” Wednesdays 7 PM CST on Outdoor Channel.

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    We round out the broadcast by checking in with STI International Marketing and Sales Director Jens Krough. If you haven’t heard by now, we are giving away and STI TROJAN .45 ACP 1911 pistol as our April Photo of The Month Grand Prize! Jens gives us the specs on this signature STI 1911 as well as the latest and greatest from Texas’ #1 pistol manufacturer! Based our of Georgetown, TX – STI is 100% employee owned. Be sure to check out STI for your next handgun purchase.

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