• The Truth About Chronic Wasting Disease, Prophets & Outlaws Live in Studio and Black Drum on Fire Along the Coast

    February 26, 2016 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography

    Dr. James Kroll – AKA ‘Dr. Deer’ kicks things off for this week. The longtime whitetail deer expert breaks down what Chronic Wasting Disease means for the future of Texas deer hunters. The whitetail industry has taken a major hit in the past 12 months due to positive CWD tests, what does it mean for them compared to the average low fence Texas deer hunter?

    Plus we talk spring food plot planting and trail cameras among other things. Be sure to sign up for the 12th annual Dr. Deer Field Day in Nacodoches as well. It’s Saturday, March 12th and is a day dedicated to all things pertaining to whitetail deer and managing your property to ensure you have as healthy a herd as you can.

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    We are then joined live in studio by the Texas country band Prophets and Outlaws. Matt, Steven and James are all passionate about the outdoors and also are writing and performing some of the best new country/blues infused music out there. Get ready to talk big bass, trout fishing, and dove hunting with the guys- PLUS we take a listen to some brand spanking new tunes!

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    We wrap things up by heading down to the coast with our old buddy Captain Len Girard. The big black drum have made their way into the shallows in large numbers. Captain Len tells us what they are biting and where to find them. Trout are also on fire and we find out what artificials are resulting in the most strikes. Plus, we get into some in shore red snapper and take a look as to why the redfish are currently spread out. (Big black drum caught by one of Captain Len’s anglers)

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  • A Public Land Giant, Bass and Bucks w/ Kevin Van Dam & Houndsmen Keeping an Old Pastime Alive and Well

    February 19, 2016 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Uncategorized

    We visit with James Henderson who killed the biggest buck (free range) in Texas this year. Taken on public land no less! 229 6/8 inches and 28 points.

     photo JamesHendersonBuck_zpsey91suqz.jpg

    Then we check in with the best tournament angler ever to wet a line when Kevin Van Dam drops by. We talk about the upcoming BassMaster Classic- which will be his 25th! He has won 4 already and is hungry for #5.

     photo KVD2_zpsbxg54t2z.jpg

    We finish up by hitting the Northeast Texas woods with our friend Clay Ashby and his hounds. A lifelong houndsman, I had the pleasure of tagging along with Clay, his son Colt and their hounds on a recent coon hunt. Raccoon hunting is a dying past time but folks like Clay that keep hanging onto this way of life are keeping the fire flickering for future generations of houndsmen.

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  • Going Under the Ice for Big Walleye, Snow Goose Conservation Season, Hunting the Stillwaters Ranch & Conservation Easements Available To Landowners

    February 11, 2016 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography

    We talk ice fishing for giant walleye with Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer and renown outdoor writer Gord Pyzer. Gord, the longtime fishing editor for In Fisherman magazine, is a native of Northern Ontario where ice fishing is a way of life. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia created from the classic comedy ‘Grump Old Men’ that has long made me want to drop a line under the ice but it’s long been on my bucketlist. Gord tells us what it’s really like. Beer and bratwursts or frostbite and misery??? Either way, sign me up! (Gord with a nice walleye pulled from under 18 inches of ice)

     photo GordPyzer_zps0ltp9x14.jpg

    Then, we get a landowner’s perspective on the whitetail deer hunting industry in Texas with Stillwater’s Ranch owner Clayton Leverett. He provides some insight as to why many landowners get into the commercial hunting side of things. Plus, we talk about his ranch, a beautiful piece of the Texas Hill Country with amazing views and giant bucks. Stillwaters Ranch has been in the Leverett family since 1882! I took this buck while hunting with Clayton on his ranch 2 weeks ago – my biggest buck to date.

     photo IMG_4871 - Copy_zpsqbzwxm2e.jpg

    We then discuss snow goose hunting the conservation season with Ducks Unlimited author John Pollman. Now is the time where you can hunt snow geese without bag limits or a plug in your shotgun. These geese are eating themselves out of their house and home and the USFWS is encouraging hunters to kill as many as they can each spring. (John’s lab Murphy bringing back a white devil).

     photo JonPollmann Snow Goose_zpsz5higuuq.jpg

    We wrap things up by visiting with Texas Parks and Wildlife Land Conservation Director Ted Hollingsworth. There is $2 million dollars earmarked for private landowners to use on conservation projects on their property. Ted tells us how landowners can apply and how the conservation funds are appropriated.

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