• Quail On the Mend, Tips for Trailing a Wounded Deer, Go Big for Winter Blues & Suppressors and Trusts with Coyote Rifle Works

    November 20, 2015 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography

    We start things off by talking quail and pheasant with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Upland Game Bird Program Leader -Robert Perez. What did the spring rains mean for nesting success? How did the Texas Parks and Wildlife survey numbers look this fall? Robert gives us his fearless forecast for the 2015 season.

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    Then we talk winter time catfish with longtime catfish guide and outdoor writer Chad Ferguson of North Texas Catfish Guide Service. With the first significant cold front of the fall pushing through, it means the blue cat bite will start to heat up. Chad breaks down where to find good numbers, what bait to use and how important the correct hook selection is when it comes to increasing your percentage of successful hook ups.

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    Next, we are joined by Eric from Coyote Rifle Works. We discuss suppressors and other Class 3 NFA Weapons. It is legal to hunt with suppressed firearms in 37 states and legal to own them in 41 states. Eric explains how to go about setting up a trust that will allow you and other individuals in the trust to possess these items. Suppressors have gained widespread popularity among the hunting/shooting community because they reduce recoil, trigger flinch and muzzle blast. Be sure to use the promo code “LONESTAR” when you go to www.coyoterifleworks.com to set up your trust- great discount opportunity exclusive to our listeners.

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    We round out the broadcast when outdoor writer Ryan Lisson stops in to discuss some tips for effectively trailing a wounded deer. Anyone who hunts enough has been in the situation where a marginal shot was made and no significant blood trail exists. But if you follow some specific steps, a full recovery of the animal is often possible.

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  • The .28 Nosler, Jim Shockey’s Return & Redfish Bite On Fire!

    November 13, 2015 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Uncategorized

    Our friend and custom gun builder Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms drops in to discuss the validity of the brand new .28 Nosler round that took has really shaken things up within the hunting community in 2015. Is it a viable long range hunting round? What implications does this round have for other popular big game rounds? Derrick breaks down the pros and cons of the all new .28 Nosler.

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    Then one of our oldest friends makes his return to the broadcast when renown professional hunter and conservationist Jim Shockey drops in. We discuss his favorite hunt of 2015, unrest in the Middle East and it’s affect on big game hunters and how Jim stays in top hunting shape at 57 years young. Plus, he gives us his thoughts on wolves and the all new Jim Shockey Signature Series ‘Titan’ knife from Havalon.

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    We wrap things up by hitting the salt flats with Captain Len Girard who joins us live from the Texas coast. Redfish are on fire right now! Captain Len talks about this late arriving winter and how it’s affecting/altering normal patterns. Trout and black drum are also in the bays in good numbers. Captain Len tells us where to find ’em and what he’s catching ’em on.

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  • Big Bucks and Bears with Bob Richardson, November Bass Bite, and The Blue Lacy’s Place Among Hunting Dog Breeds

    November 6, 2015 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography

    We start things off when Todd Porter – Secretary of the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association drops by the studio with his dog Bois. The Blue Lacy is the official state dog of Texas and they are regarded as great bay dogs for hog hunters as well as blood tracking dogs for all manner of wounded game. We get into the breed’s history and what these working dogs have to offer the outdoorsman/woman. Me and Bois (short for Bois D’Arc) in the studio.

     photo LacyCable_zpsx78tzu1o.jpg

    Then we are joined by longtime outdoorsman Bob Richardson- host of “Scentblocker’s Most Wanted” on Outdoor Channel. We discuss the rut and how it affects buck movement and the likelihood that they will expand their home range for about a month each year when their hormone level is at an all time high. We also hear the story of how Bob was able to put his tag on the legendary Picket Fence Buck- A 194 inch free range typical monster! Lastly, we get into a crazy black bear story that ends up with a 300 lb male blackbear coming into Bob’s ground blind and trying to steal is IPAD- you can’t make this up! It’s all on film and Bob explains what he did to lure the bear so close (too close to be exact!). Bob with the Pickett Fence Buck:

     photo Picket Fence Buck_zpsryd9kjut.jpg

    We round out the show talking early winter bass patterns with renown tournament angler and guide Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. Where is he finding the big girls and what are they biting on? Lately the key revolves around white bass. Charles explains why that is. The reigning Texas Tournament Zone Angler of the Year also happens to be on a solid crappie bite so we might mix in some slabbin’ discussion as well. One of Charles’ anglers with a recent Lake Austin 8 lb’er!

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