• Western Big Game Caliber & New Shooting Innovation from iota, Largemouths With Private Water Fishing, The Plight of the Lesser Prairie Chicken and Minnesota Vikings Defensive End Brian Robison

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    We start things off by discussing the perfect all around caliber for Western big game hunting when Horizon Firearms President and longtime custom rifle maker Derrick Ratliff drops in. We are looking for a flat shooting round that can knock down a mule deer or 700 lb elk at 500 plus yards. Derrick gives us his top 3 caliber choices.

    We also are excited to hear about the brand new product line up of innovative scope mounts and new Kremlin stocks from Iota Outdoors! Great design and practical stuff for hunters and shooters from Iota.

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    Then we talk largemouth bass spawn with Private Water Fishing owner Steve Alexander. His club offers anglers a unique opportunity to fish well managed, private water bodies for big bass. Now through the end of April is prime time to land that lunker largemouth. We also take an inside look at how Private Water Fishing manages their lakes for big bass, from electro shock surveys, to habitat improvement, vegetation spraying and much more. (Steve with a lunker of his own)

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    Next we discuss the plight of the iconic Lesser Prairie Chicken with Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Grassland Coordinator Bill Van Pelt. This beautiful game bird has fallen on such hard times that it was placed on the threatened species list in 2014, but due to a collaborative effort by Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado, and some timely precipitation, the bird seems to be well on the way to recovery. As a hunter and conservationist, we want to make sure this beautiful bird remains a vital part of the Western prairies.

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    We wrap things up when 2005 Texas Longhorn National Champion and current Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison drops in. Brian is passionate about two things: destroying opposing quarterbacks and bass fishing! We discuss his new Reel Em In Foundation and it’s innagural non profit fishing tournament he is hosting on Lake Fork next weekend.

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  • Crappie Spawn Upon Us, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation CEO David Allen, Possible Wolf Introduction in Colorado and River Otters No Friend to Bass Anglers

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    Spring is in the air and that means that papermouths are moving shallow to spawn. You’ll see cars and trucks parked off the side of roadways near creeks and lakes as anglers attempt to fill the cooler with delicious crappie fillets. So we are thrilled to have our old friend and 7 time Crappie Anglers of Texas Angler of the Year Paul O’Bier back on the show. Paul is regarded as the Lone Star State’s premiere crappie fisherman. We pick his brain on what indicators to look for as far as where crappie will spawn. Also, what bait and line does he prefer and what depth is he targeting? Lastly, Paul breaks down the differences between the black and white crappie, both of which are found in most southern reservoirs.

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    Next, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation CEO David Allen drops by to discuss the RMEF and the difference this conservation organization has made for elk herds over the past 30 years. We also look back on last season and reflect on our own elk experiences from 2015. With RMEF chapters all over the country, there is no doubt you can find one near you to get plugged in with.

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    Then in the next segment we discuss some troubling news out of Colorado. Organizations such as Defenders of Wildlife and the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) are pushing for wolf introduction in Colorado! And the most damning part of it all, is that they want to introduce the non native Mexican Gray Wolf into the Colorado Rockies because of the state’s abundance of elk herds. Can you imagine? This flies in the face of science and conservation when it comes to wildlife management.

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    Have you ever stumbled across a large bass lying dead on the bank with his throat ripped out? If you have, that was likely the work of a river otter. These curious animals are expanding their range in Texas which is bad news for landowners trying to grow big bass. Coming up on this weekend’s show we are joined by Lone Star Outdoor News Executive Editor Craig Nyhus to discuss why river otters appear to be thriving in Texas and what recourse landowners have to get rid of them.

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  • 200 Lions Slated for Removal, New State Record Bass, Mule Deer Relocation in West Texas & Sand Bass Run Upon Us

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    Hunting is Conservation. There is no better proof of this fact than the recent news out of Zimbabwe that wildlife officials will be forced to cull 200 lions from one area. Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter joins the discussion to explain how exactly a once viable lion population, sustained by hunters and hunting dollars has been basically shut down. With hunters afraid to book lion hunts stemming from the “Cecil the Lion” backlash, the real loser here is the lions themselves. Pat yourselves on the back anti hunters, you’ve accomplished your goal- take away hunting, take away wildlife. Lets hope that science and sound wildlife management win out over this emotionally charged over reaction.

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    Big Spring, Texas native Josh Helmstetler drops in next to discuss his recent state record catch. This 5.98 lb spotted bass shattered the old mark and helped Josh win the bass club tournament he was fishing that day. Known as an aggressive fish that with alot more fight than their bigger largemouth cousins, the spotted bass is native to many Texas lakes. Josh walks us through the events of that day leading up to his record catch and the ensuing nightmare of getting it weighed on a certified scale.

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    Texas Parks and Wildlife Mule Deer and Pronghorn Program Leader Shawn Gray then makes his return to the broadcast. After heading up the most recent relocation project, we get Shawn’s take on how our mule deer and pronghorn herds are doing on the West Texas landscape. We discuss the most recent relocation efforts for both species and how this efforts will be monitored and studied. (2 of 70 mule deer does being moved to the Black Gap WMA in West Texas).

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    It’s that time of year, the dogwoods are blooming and everything is greening up, so we wrap things up by talking all things sand bass when longtime fishing guide Carey Thorn. Nobody has studied the white bass spawn like Carey and he has them patterned to a science. Carey tells us where to find them as they run up the creeks and rivers. We also pick his brain on line choice, baits for both live and artificial applications and even fly fishing for the big females who lay their eggs and then immediately return to the lake.

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