• Running A Trapline At the Stillwaters Ranch, The Coyote’s Resilient Nature, Warming Trends Affect on Bass During Winter Months and The Advantages of A Custom Vs Factory Rifle Stock

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    We start off by talking big bucks and coyote bounties with Clayton Leverett of the Stillwaters Ranch in Llano, TX. I had the pleasure of whitetail hunting out there last week but more importantly I was educated on running a snare line for predators. There are quite a few counties that still have coyote bounties in place today. Some states such as Utah, even have statewide bounties on song dogs. Clayton has a special plan in place for where the bounty funds go, tune in to find out what he’s doing and how he is passing down the dying art of trapping/snaring to his son. (Clayton and I with a couple coyotes we caught on his snare line)

     photo Coyote Snaring2_zpsfzjotkvk.jpg

    Then we visit with TPWD non game and fur bearing program leader Jonah Evans. There is a school of thought out there that claims the harder coyotes are pressured by trapping and hunting, the more litters they have and faster they reproduce. Jonah explains that rationale in depth. We also discuss whether or not any hard numbers exist for coyote populations. We then move onto bobcats and whether or not they are a real limiting factor on whitetail deer herds or not. We’ll wrap things up with a little discussion on the value of each’s pelt.

     photo Coyte2_zpsz9s4v43h.jpg

    Next we discuss how a major warming trend affects the bass bite during cold weather months. Our old pal Cody Roberson of Army Bass Anglers breaks it down for us after his recent Bass Champs event on Falcon Lake. Temperatures reached 97 degrees in mid January! It had quite a few teams scrambling to figure out the bite. Cody tells us what worked for him and his partner.

     photo Cody Roberson_zpsoe15khtb.jpg

    We wrap things up by checking in with Horizon Firearms and iota Outdoors President Derrick Ratliff. He talks about the most popular rifle builds of 2016 from a caliber standpoint. We also dive into the advantages of a custom rifle stock verses a factory one. (Derrick and I going over the new iota Crux at the Dallas Safari Club show earlier this month)

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  • Epic Moose Hunt- The Bond Between A Father and Daughter, Conservation Initiatives W/ John X Safaris & Melissa Bachman on Lion Hunting and Much More

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    We start off by visiting with Lili Sams regarding her October moose hunt in British Columbia. This bucket list with her father David Sams of Lone Star Outdoor News was 5 years in the making. The weather was beyond frigid but Lili was driven to hunt harder than she ever had. The Texas native, turned New York City photo editor ended up making the most of the one shot opportunity she had. We discuss what it meant for her to share this with her dad, and the legacy that he has passed on to her as a hunter. (Lili and David sharing in her successful harvest of a giant bull- Photo Lone Star Outdoor News)

     photo Lili David_zpsvwnccnse.png

    Lili and I taping the interview on location at the 2017 Dallas Safari Club show. As father of two daughters, it was inspiring for me to hear how much hunting with her father has shaped who she is and how much it still means to her. Oh, and of course moose hunting is on the bucket list too 🙂

     photo Lili Sams2_zpssojiutrb.jpg

    Next, we check in with Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris. Carl breaks down the current programs that John X has in place to ensure that our legacy as hunters is continued to be passed down to the next generation of hunters and conservationists. We also dive into our upcoming South African Safari. Carl talks about a few of the species on the list and which ones he believes will be the most challenging to harvest. (Eland is at the top of my list)

     photo Eland_zps7lgzak7p.jpg

    Then we round out the show by checking in with our old friend Melissa Bachman- host of Winchester’s Deadly Passion on Sportsman’s Channel. Not only is Melissa an accomplished big game hunter, she also takes pride in and understands the value of being a role model for young female hunters. Then we address the infamous lion hunt of 2013. A Pre Cecil hunt that created firestorms and even social media pages whose entire goal was to stop Melissa Bachman from hunting ever again. (Melissa with a well deserved lion)

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  • Ocelot’s: A South Texas Treasure, Fly Fishing The Lower Mountain Fork With Beaver’s Bend FlyShop and Urban Deer Issue With TPWD

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    This weekend we tackle the urban deer population explosion issue with Texas Parks and Wildlife Whitetail Deer Program Leader Alan Cain. Over 200 people are killed each year in vehicle/deer collisions. Over 30,000 seriously injured. 1.5 million deer killed by vehicles and they cause over 1 billion dollars in property damages- not counting landscape damage- that’s another 200 million! So, what is TPWD’s stance? What urban hunting guidelines do other state wildlife agencies have in place? Are they successful at reducing the number of urban deer? We get into all that and much more on this weekend’s show. (urban whitetails in San Antonio, TX)

     photo Urban Deer_zpsbxgo5cir.jpg

    Next we change gears and head up to the Lower Mountain Fork and Beavers Bend, Oklahoma to talk some trout fishing with longtime Beaver’s Bend FlyShop guide Peter Breeden. Beavers Bend is a unique fishery boasting a viable and naturally reproducing trout population in an abnormally warm region of the country as far as trout are concerned. So, how do the rainbows and browns in the Lower Mountain Fork thrive in Southeast Oklahoma? There is a science to it, and Peter breaks it down for us. Also, we discuss what the fish are biting on right now, how the fishery has changed after the floods of the past two years and we get into a guided flyfishing trip we’ll be giving away this month! (Peter with a beautiful LMF Rainbow)

     photo Peter Beavers2_zpsx6t2tzgn.jpg

    We wrap up the show with a detailed discussion on South Texas ocelots with Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge Biologist Hilary Swarts. The last remnant population of this sub species of ocelots existing in the USA is found in the deepest South Texas thorn scrub. Hilary heads up the research and conservation effort of the endangered cats for the USFWS. We discuss why these beautiful felines haven’t proven as adaptable as their bobcat cousins. (Hilary and the Laguna Atascosa team collaring an ocelot for research purposes- Photo USFWS)

     photo Ocelot3_zpsaw5t8101.jpg

    We also discuss the current existing population of Texas ocelots (you’ll be shocked to hear how few still exist) as well as some conservation projects that the refuge currently is overseeing. Then, a real treat when Hilary talks about the ocelot den that was recently discovered on the refuge- the first one in 20 years! (Photo USFWS)

     photo OcelotBaby_zpsgqyxrynj.jpg