• Disease and Parasites to Look Out For in Wild Game, Cody Jinks in Studio and Texas’ Shark Populations Thriving

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    ​We start things off by discussing some of the more common diseases and parasites that can be found in certain wild game species. Longtime outdoor chef/writer Hank Shaw drops in break down the necessary precautions one should take with handling wild game in the field and preparing it in the kitchen.

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    Then one of our favorite Texas singer songwriters- Cody Jinks- makes his return to the studio. We talk about his upcoming record and Cody plays the new single ‘I’m Not the Devil’. We also get into some, open carry, 2nd Amendment, dove hunting and fishing talk with the bass obsessed honky tonker.

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    We wrap things up by taking a look at the shark species that can be found and caught along the Texas coast when Texas Parks and Wildlife Coastal Fisheries Science Director Mark Fisher stops by. Are our shark populations healthy? Are there any species of concern? What does Mark think about folks targeting, catching and killing giant bull, tiger and hammerhead sharks all for the sake of a trophy photo? We find out if he is at all concerned.

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    (photo by Eric Ozolins of Ocean Epics Fishing Charters)

  • Catfish Spawn is On, Caution with Feral Hogs, Worst Sharelunker Season on Record & The History and Tradition of the Y.O. Ranch Is Alive and Well

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    We discuss the ongoing blue and channel catfish spawn that is occurring on Texas lakes this month. Longtime catfish guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors makes his return to the broadcast. He tells us where to find these shallow fish and what to catch them on. Plus, what is know about the much more secretive flathead spawn? Greg also gives us his favorite catfish dish, a pleasant deviation from the usual battering and frying them.

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    Aaron Clark and his mother Carla then drop in to share a harrowing experience with a big boar feral hog. One that saw Carla rushed to the hospital with wounds so severe they required over 100 stitches. This story should serve as a reminder that big hogs are not to be taken lightly. We are glad that Carla has made a full recovery and that Aaron was able to kill the hog a couple weeks later. (Carla’s wounds and the pair posing with the responsible boar a couple weeks after the attack)

     photo Aaron Clark_zps1atpr2af.jpg

    Next, we switch gears to bass fishing when our new Texas Parks and Wildlife Sharelunker Program Leader Kyle Brookshear drops in. This was the worst Sharelunker season Texas has had in recent memory – with only two 13 plus pound largemouth bass entered into the program this year. Kyle gives us his take on why the big fish were so hard for anglers to target. A former professional angler, we also pick his brain on catching good numbers of post spawn largemouths. (Kyle with a 10 lb’er – his personal best largemouth)

     photo Kyle_zpst6wmzo6g.jpg

    We wrap things up when Y.O. Ranch Headquarters Director of Tourism- Debbie Hagebusch joins us. I recently had the pleasure of taking in the legendary Y.O. Ranch a couple weeks ago. From the historical Texas landmarks on the property, to stunning views and incredible exotic hunting- we talk about the Y.O.’s influence and place in Texas hunting and ranching lore. (32 inch axis buck I harvested on my trip)

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  • So Long Old Friend

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    The void you left only aches because of all the joy you brought. You gave everything, asking for nothing. Our bond was formed despite my imperfections. I was just a 20 year old kid- full of pride and ready for anything. But how could I ever be ready for today? You were my family before I had a family. You’ve seen me at my best and so many times my worst. The gifts you gave taught me much, for patience, loyalty and unconditional love are virtues not easily attained. All these years you watched over me as our family slowly grew- showing them the same love you showed me. But today we say goodbye old friend, your race being run. Where that kid once stood, now stands a man. So sleep peacefully then, knowing your work here is finished, the job was well done.

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