• So You Want To Hunt Africa? Lake Texoma Stripers on The Rebound and Off Season Archery Tips

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    We talk Africa 101 with Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms. What can you expect when planning your first safari? Budget? Travel? Caliber? Bullet choice? We break it all down with our old friend who just returned from South Africa on his first trip to the Dark Continent- taking 6 trophy animals in 6 days with John X Safaris. You might be surprised to hear what his budget was. (Derrick with a beautiful Nyala taken with his 6.5 Creedmoor)

     photo Horizon Derrick_zpsstgf91wy.jpg

    Next we talk Lake Texoma striped bass with our bud Jacob Orr of Limitless Outdoor Adventures. The famous striper fishery is one of only 5 landlocked lakes in the U.S. where striped bass can successfully reproduce. Although the epic floods of 2015 had a negative affect on the spawn, Jacob explains why lake and the striper fishing are well on their way back. Jacob with a couple happy young anglers.

     photo Jacob_zpscyfzj10w.jpg

    We wrap up the broadcast with some off season archery tips from Cinnamon Creek Ranch pro Chris Lutsinger. The goal is to be sharp for archery season, and Chris provides some insight on things we can do to make sure we execute a perfect shot when that big buck steps out this fall.

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  • Hogs Under Influence, Record Shattering Shark Tale For The Ages, Poaching to Increase in Africa and My Favorite Summer Seafood Preparation

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    We start off by talking feral hog hunting with Scott Schultz of Robinson Outdoors. We discuss the scientific formula in the all new Hog Under Influence attractant. The natural root sedative is the same chemical that is used to calm thoroughbred horses after they run at a racetrack. The all natural formula also has a nose jamming effect as well. Hog I took recently using the HUI spray:

     photo HUI NEW_zps57yue2vu.jpg

    Next we hear a shark tale for the ages when angler Chris Holley drops in. Chris tell us all about fighting the new Texas state record bull shark he landed 2 weeks ago on Padre Island National Seashore. The fish was 9’6″ and weighed over 550 lbs! It was released to eat more fish and people 🙂

     photo Chris Holley_zps8cuh8b6a.jpg

    Then we discuss the recent Kenya ivory burn of over 100 tons of ivory, valued at 172 million dollars. Our old friend and Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter stops by to talk about the ramifications of his act. What happens when a big portion of a market is removed? The demand and value of what’s left sky rockets. So expect poaching to increase as Kenya once again turns a blind eye to science based conservation and sustainable hunting.

     photo KenyaIvoryBurn_zpsmjuug31i.jpg

    We wrap up the broadcast with a Lone Star Outdoor Show original recipe. You guys and gals know I love preparing the game/fish that I have harvested and one that routinely gets rave reviews from friends/family is my ceviche. So here is the recipe and directions so that you can wow your guests with a simple, yet refreshingly delicious seafood dish as well.

     photo Ceviche12_zpsubucosaj.jpg

  • Delisting the Grizzly Bear, Croaker and Trout- An Ancient Relationship and The Wooden Decoy’s Place in Waterfowling History

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    Outdoor writer Cavan Williams from OnXMaps drops in to discuss the USFWS proposed delisting of the Grizzly bear in the Lower 48. Federally protected since 1975, the Grizzly population has rebounded and thrived to the point where strictly managed hunting could soon be implemented as a management tool in the Great Yellowstone area states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. We discuss what obstacles stand in the way as far as anti hunting groups go, as well as the structure of the management plan.

     photo Grizzly2_zpswt6iqxgc.jpg

    It’s no secret that live bait catches fish, but when it comes to speckled trout- croaker is impossible to beat. But there is a lot more that goes into this ancient relationship between these two species. We discuss in detail with Captain Len’s Fishing Guide Service on this weekend’s show. Plus, we get Captain Len’s take on the overall vitality of the trout fishery and whether or not the new 5 fish limit has had an immediate impact on population and overall size of the trout. (Photo Louisiana Sportsmen)

     photo Croaker and trout_zpso0jxyyf5.jpg

    We wrap things up by taking an in depth look at waterfowling history in North America and the role that wooden decoys and the men who carved them had in shaping this great sport. Ron Gard is a long time duck hunter and decoy collector and part of his collection is currently on display at the Perot Museum in Downtown Dallas. We are thrilled to have Ron join us to discuss our rich duck hunting tradition from the market hunting days of the 1800 and early 1900s to the point we are at today.

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