• What’s With The Windex? Razor Dobbs On Handgun Hunting and Going Big for Bluefin W/ Captain Dave Carraro

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    Thrilled to have two great guests join us this weekend! We start things off by discussing an interesting phenomenon in outdoor television with our good friend Razor Dobbs of ‘Razor Dobb’s Alive’. So many hunting shows and the networks they air on seem afraid to show the most important aspect of hunting- how we turn it into food. From the kill shot, to blood trails and especially the downed animal…almost without fail the video camera shuts off and a bottle of Windex is pulled out to clean the animal up. No bullet or broadhead hole, no blood. Meanwhile you can flip it on other major networks such as Discovery, Travel Channel etc and they show the entire process with as much blood as they can. Why is it that the hunting community seems to fear showing the way we really live our lives? We break it down with Razor.

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    Next up we switch gears and talk big game handgun hunting with Razor who has long been a proponent of hunting with an open sites 10mm pistol. From deer, to hogs, African species and even elk, Razor has tumped over some big animals with his 10mm. So what is the key? We talk bullets and ballistics, shot placement and shot distance with one of the sports biggest advocates. Be sure to check out Razor Dobbs Alive airing on Sportsman’s Channel coming up in July 2015! Sunday nights 9:30 PM Central.

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    Then we are joined by Captain Dave Carraro of the FV-Tuna.com of the hit show ‘Wicked Tuna’ on Nat Geo Channel. Now in it’s 4th season, Wicked Tuna has become Nat Geo’s highest rated show ever. Not bad for a bunch of bluefin tuna boat captains! Anyway, Dave talks about the bluefin tuna fishery in New England and what it takes to be the best of the best. His boat has had the highest earnings in two of the first three seasons and with one single fish bringing in as much as $8,000 it’s clear why the competition is fierce.

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    Dave then breaks down the gear required to take on a 500-1000 lb bluefin. What is the longest he’s ever fought a tuna? What about the longest the FV-Tuna.com has taken on a fish only to have it break the line or throw the hook? Lastly, you might be surprised to find out about Dave’s other full time gig…I promise it garners a bunch of funny looks at the airport.

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  • Trophy Trout Bite W/ Foreverlast, New World Record Axis Buck, Music Icon Roy Head on Deer Hunting & Post Season Deer Management w/ Dr. Deer

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    We get things rolling by talking trophy trout with our good friend Billy Gerke of Foreverlast Hunting And Fishing. February through March is the best time to land that trout of a lifetime as the sows are fattening up as they prepare to spawn. Billy talks about where he is finding big fish along the coast and what presentations they are hitting. We also discuss some exciting new fishing products from Foreverlast that will be coming out this spring! Billy with a 28 inch spec caught in Baffin Bay this week:

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    Roy Head might be a musical icon with a career spanning over 4 decades, but at heart the South Texas good ‘ole boy is as big an outdoorsman as you’ll find. Roy joins as from his ‘Horny Porch’ (his front porch that is adorned with the racks of 20 plus bucks he’s killed over the years) to talk big deer and revisit what it was like to pioneer the moon walk long before Michael Jackson made it part of modern pop culture. Often compared to Elvis for his dancing and stage presence this Rockabilly and Country Music Hall of Famer hasn’t lost his ability to entertain. I guarantee you won’t want to miss the stories Roy shares on our airwaves! What a riot. (Roy playing ‘Treat Her Right’ to a full house circa 1965)

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    We then talk axis deer with South Texas hunter Andrew Hunt who in April of 2014 shot the new SCI World Record #1 free ranging axis buck. After the buck was stripped of it’s velvet and the horns dried, the official score of 172 makes this Boerne, Texas bruiser the largest axis ever killed. 37 inch beams on each side…unreal! This is also the first buck (of any kind) that Andrew has harvested. Anyway, we relive that experience and what it was like for Andrew. He had no idea what he’d done until his guide got the tape measurer out and began to get extremely excited. It’s a real treat to hear Andrew share this surreal string of events that led to his harvest of the new world record axis taken at Joshua Creek Ranch.

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    We wrap things up by talking whitetail management with our longtime friend Dr. James Kroll – AKA ‘Dr. Deer’. The season has come and gone and now the real work begins as far as habitat management, food plots, and predator control. Dr. Deer also discusses the role one specific predator could be having on the mortality rate of mature whitetails – and it’s not a coyote! We also dive into the upcoming 10th Annual Dr. Deer Field Day which takes place in Nacogdoches on Saturday, March 14th. Always a pleasure to talk big bucks with one of the industries most respected voices.

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  • USFWS Refuses To Address New Issues Regarding Wolf Management/Expansion

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    After unsuccessfully trying for over a month to set up a time for USFWS Director Dan Ashe to join us to discuss the ever changing landscape regarding wolves in our great country, I agreed to discuss the issues of concern with Press Secretary Tollefson. Well, looks like he nor Director Ashe have the stomach for tough questions either. Just more of the same from an agency with no accountability to the people they work (you and me).

    My response to Press Secretary Tollefson:

    Mr. Tollefson,

    You work for us (the public) and your division’s refusal to take responsibility and step up and answer the tough questions regarding the wolf issue is unacceptable. You keep directing me to old information/press releases when the wolf issue is an ever changing forum. They are constantly increasing their numbers and expanding their ranges and yet you offer up the same tired jargon that your department has been trying to dupe the public with for years. It’s a mess and you have an entire country of sportsmen and women who are tired of being deceived.

    I know that the USWFS had good intentions in the beginning but here we are 20 years after wolf reintroduction and your department keeps digging the hole deeper. Deception, lack of sound science and and the USFWS’ unwillingness to take responsibility for previous actions is infuriating. The gross mishandling of wolf reintroduction could single handily destroy the efforts and successes of a hundred plus years of conservation in this country. Wolves are now thriving in states that never agreed to wolf reintroduction to begin with. What recourse are they afforded?

    This is what happens when an organization has no one to answer to. Your agency is the biggest hit and run artist that exists. You knock on a state’s door and promise them control if they agree to go along with the USFWS. Then like a thief in the night, you drop off a bunch of wolves and crawfish on the agreement after the state (in good faith) upholds it’s end of the bargain. I came to you to offer a public forum to discuss how the USFWS plans to deal with wolves in the future and how you can hopefully alleviate some of the concerns from the sportsmen and women who fund the conservation effort in this country. Despite your mismanagement of our resources, we will continue to buy licenses, purchase ammo, fishing tackle and the like and do our part to protect the resources we hold so dear. I think it’s high time you joined us.


    -Cable Smith

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