• Turnpike Troubadours’ Evan Felker on Old Shotguns, Bird Dogs and the New Record/ Small Farms, Big Bucks With Southpond Outdoors/& Moose Hunting and the New Mossberg Shockwave With Linda Powell

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    Mossberg’s Linda Powell makes her return to the show with some British Columbia moose action. She talks about this hunt in detail and the gun she used to take this giant bull. Then we discuss the ground breaking Mossberg Shockwave – a unique design that makes this weapon the ideal personal defense scattergun. Available in 12 gauge and now in the more recoil friendly 20 gauge.

    (Linda with her bull)

    Next we spend a couple segments with Turnpike Troubadours frontman and avid hunter Evan Felker. I don’t know many country artists that have a kennel full of Deutsch Drahthaars and English Pointers so Evan is a unique breed. The kind of guy you’d like to sit around the campfire with and pass around a bottle of bourbon after a long day in the woods. We talk old Browning shotguns, training and raising quail dogs, archery elk hunting and the new record ‘A Long Way From the Heart’. I don’t know how Turnpike keeps doing it, but this might be their best work yet.

    We wrap up the show by visiting with our good friend Sean Callahan of Southpond Outdoors. Every season, we see giant bucks killed on relatively small farms. Sean joined that club last week with this Missouri monster. Taken on the 95 acres he purchased last spring. The buck he nicknamed ‘War Machine’ was perfect for a segment on ‘Small Farms, Big Bucks’. Be sure to check out Sean’s ‘Southpond Outdoors – The Pursuit to the Plate Podcast’ for more great hunting content and wild game recipes.

    (War Machine grossed 189 2/8 inches)

  • HECS Hunting Suit a Game Changer? How Tragedy Spawned a Life Saving Effort, Snook/Tarpon and the Latest from Costa Sunglasses & Coffee’s Place in Hunting Culture

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    We kick things off by taking a look at the HECS Stealth Screen and the technology behind this game changer. HECS President Mike Slinkard drops in to explain how the HECS system causes animals to think the human wearing it is an inanimate object. Sounds crazy, right? Well I’ve seen enough videos and heard enough testimony to want to give it a try. I mean if a hunting suit truly allows you to sit in the open and draw a bow with an animal looking at you less than 20 yards away, why wouldn’t you want it? (Bobcat less than 5 feet from hunters wearing their HECS Stealth Screen Suits)

    Next we are joined by Peyton’s Project founder Tammy Reece. Back in 2010 her 23 month old niece Peyton Hood was killed by a 10 inch rattlesnake. Tammy’s response was to create this organization to help prevent other families from suffering the same tragedy. You might have listened to our recent episode with rattlesnake bite victim Greg Pavur – he is the one who told us about this great project that was responsible for making sure the rural hospital he went to had a supply of very expensive anti venom. Looking forward to visiting further on the topic with Tammy as she explains how Peyton’s Project has and continues to save lives of venomous snake bite victims.

    Then we check in with our longtime friend Captain Mike Holliday of Costa Sunglasses. The longtime Florida saltwater fishing guide talks about Hurricane Harvey/Irma’s effects on their respective fisheries and marine ecosystems. We also get into some late fall snook and tarpon before wrapping up the discussion with the latest technology from Costa Sunglasses. If you haven’t looked through the Sunrise Silver Mirrors…I suggest you do!

    We wrap up the broadcast when Randy and David Burt and Blake Branch drop by the studio. This trio of lifelong hunters have a new business venture in Texas State of Mind Coffee Company. We dive into coffee’s revered place among the hunting community. Also, what makes a good brew vs a bad one? We’ve all had that gas station cup of coffee that resulted in immediate heart burn- what causes that? What about different caffeine levels in different roasts? Be sure to check out the High Brass, Hail Call and Buck Fever blends on their website and save 15% on any order if you use the promo code LONESTAR15!

    (Photo from GoHunt)

  • EPISODE 400 – Adventures In Africa

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    Well, here it is – our 400th Episode. I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 years since we embarked on this journey. So, thanks to each and every one of you who tune into the broadcast. Whether you’ve listened to all 400 episodes or 4, I sincerely want to thank you.

    That being said, Episode 400 takes us back to July and my first trip to South Africa. I’ve had a couple months to look back and reflect fondly on this experience and each time a twinkle comes to my eyes. Hunting with John X Safaris on South Africa’s Eastern Cape was everything I imagined and then so much more. Throughout this episode I will attempt to take you on that journey with me as I give a day by day account of what transpired on what I can honestly say was the trip of a lifetime.

    Kudu is the #1 animal on most hunter’s lists. Mine was no exception. Glassing for these magnificent creatures in the mountains of the Great Karoo reminded me very much of elk hunting back in the states.

    No matter the species, we spent a significant amount of time behind the glass. I love this kind of hunting and was pleasantly surprised by how much glassing we did.

    The sunsets and terrain reminded me very much of the Texas Hill Country and even the mountains of far West Texas. Mother Africa wasn’t shy about showing off her vast beauty.

    Everyday was an adventure and my warthog brought hunt home highest honors in that department. I still laugh when I think about my PH Carl Van Zyl saying “You wanted a rodeo, you got one now Cowboy!”.

    The Lone Star Outdoor Show Africa Trip with John X Safaris is scheduled for June 22nd – 30th. Email me at lonestaroutdoorshow@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining me on this epic adventure!